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Proton unveils new logo as it eyes top spot in Asean

It comes some two years after China’s Geely entered the national car company.

Ineos has spent RM236 mil. How much will DreamEdge?

Does DreamEdge have millions too and are they ready to start production of Malaysia's third national car? Or will taxpayer funds be needed?

Why pick DreamEDGE if you knew govt had stake in it,...

The former prime minister rebuffs the excuse given over the company appointed to produce third national car.

New car-maker will be 100% privately funded, says Leiking

International trade minister denies saying the company is privately-owned, as alleged by MCA president Wee Ka Siong.

Economists see uphill battle for new national car

They say the domestic market is not big enough and DreamEDGE is taking a great risk going into a highly competitive arena.

Local firm ties up with Japan’s Daihatsu for 3rd national car

The first model will be a C-segment sedan, but mass production will only start in 2031.

Proton no longer national car, says Perak state exco

Asmuni Awi says Proton now belongs to China.

Law will decide if flying car can take off, says Redzuan

The entrepreneur development minister is optimistic the flying car prototype can be completed by year-end.

PH government is indulging in baloney

PH promised us many things but the environment is still as bad, it is reverting to old habits and projects such as a national car, reforms are still not evident, and it has allowed the opposition to set the agenda.

Critics of 3rd national car ‘know nothing’, says Dr M

The prime minister hits out at those who say a third national car will be a waste of money.

Proton vehicle sales up, we are benefitting, say dealers

Proton dealers with upgraded service centres claim they are reaping the rewards from the increased sale of the new X70.

New car project different from Proton: no bailouts, says minister

The entrepreneur development minister insists project will use national expertise to create ecosystem leading to possible aerospace ventures

Not all RM20 mil will go for third national car prototype,...

Cost of R&D for the project will be much lower than that, entrepreneur development minister tells critics.

Third national car project the answer for skills-training, says minister

The entrepreneur development ministry defends the idea mooted by Mahathir as relevant to its focus on skills-training and boosting localisation of industries.

Third national car: Spot on about hook-up with LYNK & Co

Malaysia can be manufacturing hub for right-hand drive vehicles thereby enabling easy sales access to Asean, Australia and New Zealand.

The CX-9 best shows Mazda’s strengths

The vehicle is exceptionally well proportioned, has an interior with lots of design flair and nice materials, and is truly fun to drive.

PAS gives PH a ‘D’ for manifesto promise performance

The committee which drafted the Pakatan Harapan manifesto failed to study whether the promises could be fulfilled, says PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

Expert pans idea of another national car

It's better to enhance support for Proton, Perodua and automotive research institutions, says a transport consultant.

MCA’s Wee wants 3 guarantees on third national car

Wee Ka Siong says, among others, there should not be a protectionist policy as this will push up car prices.

Learn from Proton, drop idea of having a 3rd national car

Dr Mahathir should not be so naive as to not know that Japanese auto makers will teach us how to make everything except the engines and the gear boxes - which we will have to buy from them.

It’s no longer ‘my way’ with Dr M, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the prime minister now listens to the views of Cabinet members.

Think again on plans to launch third national car, urges Rafizi

The PKR vice-president says such a project never featured in Pakatan Harapan’s election campaign or manifesto.

Think tank: New national car ok, but govt should not get...

IDEAS says there are still many ways to ensure the local automotive industry remains competitive, without setting up a new market player.

Rethink move for new national car, please

Don’t let another generation of Malaysians undergo the ordeal of overpriced cars of hopeless quality.