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Tag: National Registration Department

More JPN officers to be nabbed in IC-for-Chinese scandal

IGP says this ‘second phase’ of arrests will take place soon.

Court throws out child’s appeal to acquire Malaysian citizenship

The Court of Appeal says the boy already holds a Philippines’ passport and Malaysia does not recognise dual citizenship.

1,000 gather at NRD to demand ICs, birth certs

One of the organisers says they have been suffering without the documents for many years.

The arduous road to becoming a Malaysian

But these women in their twilight years are finally the proud owners of blue ICs.

Stateless children have dreams, too

How many people out there are like Roisah Abdullah, who is hardworking and bright but cannot get anywhere in life without citizenship?

Stateless kids: JPN and NGOs must work together, says Zahid

DPM says people should not blame authorities as it is parents who caused problem by not registering their marriages properly.

Bin Abdullah issue: NRD can rely on fatwa, lawyer argues in...

Fatwa states a Muslim child conceived out of wedlock is prohibited from carrying name of biological father.

Dad is Malaysian but children are non-citizens

Children like Muhamad Fitri and Muhamad Rizal are not able to attend school due to their stateless status.

‘More Tamil-speakers in NRD can help stateless Indian issue’

PKR VP N Surendran, DAP's P Ramasamy and MyDaftar coordinator Siva Subramaniam, say NRD also needs to be more proactive and reduce red-tape.

Statistics dept to conduct online population census in 2020

Chief Statistician, Mohd Uzir Mahidin says this can help save manpower cost and also produce more accurate information.

2 months enough time for registering births, says Nur Jazlan

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed says new RM1,000 fine only applies to Peninsular Malaysia, where many platforms have been provided to register newborns.

Ex-judge: Fatwas are not equivalent to laws passed by legislatures

It is the Act of Parliament that has legislative authority, maintains Gopal Sri Ram.

Elderly woman charged with trying to bribe NRD officer

Lai Loi Yow, 60, allegedly offered bribes on two instances as inducement to issue an identity card for her adopted child.

Friday sermon in Selangor defends fatwa on naming illegitimate children

The Selangor Islamic Department says naming an illegitimate Muslim child after the biological father can lead to bigger problems as his guardianship is not valid in Islam.

Lawyer: Act has to be amended to insert ‘bin Abdullah’

However, any such amendment to the Births and Deaths Registration Act can also be challenged as being unconstitutional, Balwant Singh Sidhu says.

Iskandar is Mahathir’s grandfather, not father, says Marina

Former PM's daughter also calls Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi a sexist for neglecting to take into account Mahathir's maternal lineage.

Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty: Report lodged against Zahid, NRD chief

Both have breached the law by sharing former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's private information, says Khairuddin Abu Hassan

‘Bin Abdullah’ rule curbs sin, says parenting group

Smart Parents disagrees with Court of Appeal.

Zuraida: Ensure well-being of kids born out of wedlock

PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin gives three recommendations on how to achieve this.

Zahid told to respect judicial process on naming out-of-wedlock children

PKR’s Latheefa Koya says the courts should be allowed to decide impartially without unnecessary positions being taken by government leaders on the issue.

‘I accept who I am and what I am,’ says adopted...

Alana Maulad Azmi says adopted children like herself are just as much discriminated against as those born out of wedlock, because both can't use their biological father's name.

Art Harun: NRD’s ‘bin Abdullah’ move is contempt of court

Lawyer slams National Registration Department's DG for not respecting Court of Appeal ruling on giving father's name to Muslim children born out of wedlock.

‘Court ruling on ‘Abdullah’ will help prevent stigmatisation’

However representative from NGO that combats baby dumping and sale disagrees, saying issue of stigmatisation must be fought with change in society's mindset, not change of name.

NRD: Naming out-of-wedlock Muslim offspring ‘bin Abdullah’ to continue

National Registration Department says any change to the practice would only come about through a ruling from the Federal Court.