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Tag: National schools

Politicians are failing our education system

We should work towards making national schools the schools of choice for all Malaysians.

Schools need to go back to the 1970s, says ex-headmaster

The former teacher and principal says the government should make national schools so appealing that parents will lose interest in vernacular schools.

Lots to do for national schools to be great again, says...

UKM professor Teo Kok Seong says parents want less religion in school and more dedicated school heads.

Enough talk, time to set right our national schools

Our selection of teachers and headmasters, and also university lecturers, needs to be drastically improved.

Let’s make national schools great again, says Dr M

The prime minister cites the abolishment of exams for Standard One to Three, and planned reforms for civic and religious education curricula.

A radical proposal on religious education

Implementing the Perlis mufti's suggestion of removing Islamic Studies from the main curriculum and teaching all religions in the afternoon session instead may engender better understanding and tolerance among the different communities.

How single-type schools can solve racial and religious intolerance

This is the only way forward for a multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia, to ensure that students grow up to appreciate differences and be more tolerant of each other.

Mufti moots compulsory first 6 years at national schools to foster...

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says there is a lack of shared experience among Malaysians.

‘Even Brunei schools spend more time for Science than religious subjects’

Education lobby group PAGE makes comparisons of the curriculum in Brunei and Malaysia.

DCM criticises education ministry over English-medium schools in Sabah

Madius Tangau says it is a right spelt out in the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.

Get good advisers to revamp education, Mahathir urged

Education consultant Tan Ai Mei says the prime minister needs feedback from teachers and parents, not just academics, to improve education in the nation.

‘Too late to abolish vernacular schools’

Former senior education ministry official says existing Chinese education group and growing presence of Tamil groups means vernacular schools are here to stay.

The perennial dilemma of language and losing our culture

Let us bring the nation together in our schools through education despite our differences in language.

Don’t recognise UEC, Putrajaya told

Those who support the national education system must be protected, says a UKM professor in calling for Putrajaya to maintain its non-recognition of the UEC.

Tribute to teachers at SK Seri Hartamas

A parent reminisces on the years his daughter went to a national primary school and believes it has built a strong foundation for her future.

Rebranding vernacular education in Malaysia

Long-standing existence of different streams of education has never caused any form of major conflict that has harmed national unity.

Tee pushes for Chinese-type religious schools

Controversial preacher says this is the best solution if government feels Chinese language is important in the pursuit of progress and to meet the rise of China's economic power.

Education Minister lashed over ‘too Islamic’ statement

Mahdzir Khalid accused of not understanding the true meaning of Islam for saying the government will not allow national schools to become ‘too Islamic’.

We won’t let national schools become too Islamic, says minister

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid says an increasing number of parents are sending children to private schools and this reflects the success of the education system.

Why top people send their kids to international schools

Civil servants, politicians and other parents want their children to have a good command of English or Mandarin, says Ti Lian Ker

Ti: Parents want education, not religion, in schools

MCA man says 'crowds will return' with proper focus, but local politicians like Anwar tampered with a working education system after indepndence to leave their mark.