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Tag: national security council act

Anwar’s legal challenge on National Security Council Act dismissed

Court of Appeal says the opposition leader should have gone straight to the Federal Court as he is challenging the competency of Parliament to pass the law.

Why is Jamal so intent on creating trouble?

If we were paranoid, we'd say he's giving an excuse for the government to declare emergency rule.

Mahathir: I failed to convince Agong on Citizens’ Declaration

Former prime minister says people's movement would appeal again to the King and all the Rulers as the signatories to the Citizens' Declaration are their subjects.

Anwar-Mahathir release joint statement against NSC

Opposition leader stresses the present, not past is his main concern following daughter's push for apology from Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

NSC may be used to stop Bersih 5, says Opposition

PSM's S Arutchelvan and DAP's Syerleena Abdul Rashid claim it all depends on how desperate Prime Minister Najib Razak is.

After Shad’s rebuttal, Dr M attacks NSC Act again

Former premier claims the Act 'relegates the Constitution to the back burner' after law professor dismisses his arguments, saying that an Emergency cannot be declared at the King's own discretion.

Leave Mahathir in his own world, says Ku Nan

Umno secretary-general says he is bewildered by former premier's contradictory shifts in thinking

Former leader who’s always picking a quarrel

Najib slams Mahathir for always criticising other leaders as being incorrect. 'Tunku Abdul Rahman was wrong, Hussein Onn was wrong, Musa Hitam was wrong, Abdullah was wrong, and the latest, the Sultan of Johor, was also wrong'.

Think tank calls for Senate reforms

It should cease being a mere rubber stamp, says Ideas chief Wan Saiful.

SEA governments acting tough on terrorism or critics?

Governments are giving themselves more powers and there is real fear that critics and peaceful protesters, not just terrorists, are also being targeted.

Najib gets new powers, as furore over 1MDB grows

National Security Council Act to take effect from Monday, with critics warning law's expansive powers could now be used to silence critics of 1MDB scandal.