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Tag: national security

Huawei remains blocked from US 5G networks

Huawei is still barred from 5G wireless networks in America despite allowing the sale of chips to the Chinese mobile company.

Sarawak group to look into influx of people from western Asia

State and federal governments will be urged to take action to protect Sarawak's social fabric.

Mnuchin says Huawei issue concerns national security, separate from trade

Steven Mnuchin says Huawei move by the United States is based on national security and not on trade.

China to set up system to safeguard technology security

Xinhua reports China's plan to establish a system to ensure 'national security' in technology as the republic faces a trade war with the United States.

PM agrees with several proposals in Defence White Paper, says armed...

They are expected to be tabled in Parliament in October.

China opposes use of unilateral sanctions against its entities

China strongly opposes the United States and other countries imposing unilateral sanctions on Chinese entities such as Huawei, to avoid further impacting Sino-US trade relations.

New Zealand’s revises national security threat level to medium

The country's threat level had been raised to high following a mass shooting in Christchurch last month.

China probes Canadian on suspicion of ‘harming’ national security

Spavor is suspected of 'engaging in activities that harm China's national security'.

US could lose in war with China or Russia, panel warns

US influence is being steadily eroded and military balances have shifted in 'decidedly adverse' ways that have raised the risk of conflict.

Ex-servicemen worried about national security after reports by Singapore daily

The National Patriots Association says there is a possibility of electronic eavesdropping, hidden cameras and even moles in government offices.

Immigration DG: We were conducting census, not registering refugees

Immgration director-general Mustafar Ali says the department was actually carrying out a census on the number of children belonging to IMM13 holders in Sabah and not conducting new registration.

I feared for my life, says fisherman in Semporna’s kidnapping incident

Fisherman recalls how he hid from kidnappers who took two of his friends from their boat in waters off Sabah.

Actor cries ‘Kidnap’, Esscom sees red

Esscom commander Hazani Ghazali believes 'fake' statement could have been made to create cheap publicity for actor's new movie next month.

Yes, it’s treason, say lawyers after intel chief defends letter to...

Hasanah Ab Hamid also breached protocol when she asked a foreign government to take sides in Malaysia's domestic affairs, says former Special Branch agent SN Nair.

Britain says Huawei “shortcomings” expose new telecom networks risks

The report was released after sources told Reuters that senior British security officials say they can now give only limited assurances that Huawei's UK operations pose no threat to national security.

New Zealand says China’s rise in the Pacific threatens national security

New Zealand has already announced it would increase foreign aid by nearly a third in part to counter China's rising influence in the South Pacific.

US seeks to block China Mobile’s entry, escalating tension

China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone operator by customers, with about 899 million subscribers.

Trump moves to block China Mobile’s US entry on national security...

China Mobile Communications Corp, a state-owned firm, owned almost 73% of China Mobile, according to Thomson Reuters data as of December.

Bolton says he raised US election meddling with Putin -CBS

Bolton said he brought up both the 2016 election and Russian activities in upcoming congressional elections.

After flak, Mindef says Mat Sabu meant PLKN, not MKN

The defence ministry says Mohamad Sabu was referring to the National Service Training Programme.

China says carefully monitoring US policies on inbound investments

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) expands the scope of transactions reviewed by the interagency panel to address security concerns.

Extra RM2 per hour for volunteer cops

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hopes the increase will encourage more people to join volunteer units.

Cops to continue identifying potential troublemakers for GE14

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun says police are updating the current data in the interest of national security.

Social media reps meet in Parliament over fake news law

Minister in Prime Minister's department Azalina Othman Said says the discussion involved, among others, representatives from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.