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Tag: nationalist

Biden and Trump trade barbs in duel for blue collar votes...

'He thinks he's being tough. Well, it's easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain,'Biden says of Trump.

Far-right Bolsonaro puts stamp on Brazil in first week

Bolsonaro declares Brazil and the United States to be "friends" and says in his first post-inauguration TV interview he is open to looking at his country hosting a US military base.

With Trump sitting nearby, Macron calls nationalism a betrayal

Trump, in the run-up to the congressional elections this month declaring himself a "nationalist", sat still and stony-faced in the front row as Macron spoke.

Sweden seeks new government as nationalist influence grows

STOCKHOLM: Sweden is headed for a period of uncertainty after legislative elections saw the far-right make gains, raising three questions: Who won? Who will...

Italy’s League chief Salvini vows to take success Europe-wide

Matteo Salvini promoted an alliance of nationalist parties that would span Europe.

Hungarians to vote in keenly-watched poll

Preliminary results are expected to emerge one or two hours after polls close, with broader trends expected to become clear only slowly over the course of the evening.

RS ‘fear-mongering’ ahead of Bosnia vote raises concern, security minister says

Bosnia's national security minister Dragan Mektić has criticised Republika Srpska leaders by organising nationalist paramilitary groups and disproportionately arming the region’s police.

Raja Petra: I’m a Malay nationalist, so what?

Controversial-blogger says he will not accept a Chinese, DAP-dominated government using PKR and Amanah Malays as puppets and proxies.