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Warisan-led govt just a continuation of BN rule, says anti-dam group

The Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam says mega projects once condemned by Warisan are now being revived.

Bugis and Javanese as natives: Upko youth leader opposes any such...

Upko Youth chief Felix Joseph Saang says it is clearly stated in the Federal Constitution that the Bugis and Javanese are not considered natives of the state.

I never said it, declares Sabah minister as ‘native’ row heats...

Aidi Moktar says it is up to the state government to decide whether to accept the Bugis and Javanese as natives or not.

PBS calls for referendum on plan to extend Sabah native status...

Maximus Ongkili accuses the Warisan-led government of trying to distort Sabah's political landscape.

Sabah minister rapped for recognising Bugis, Javanese as natives

Sabah minister Aidi Moktar comes under fire but Warisan hurriedly explains he was speaking for himself and not for the party.

Return our ancestral land, Sabah natives tell Felda

The Begahak people claim 2,400ha of their native customary right land have been included in the land title given to Felda by previous state government.

Native land rights: Bill tabled in Sarawak assembly

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Douglas Uggah Embas says it is a historic moment for natives of Sarawak because the native land rights issue is finally going to be resolved.

RM3.87 billion allocated to Sabah as part of 11th Malaysia Plan

Chief Minister Musa Aman says RM1 billion has been given for construction of Pan Borneo Highway and another RM1 billion for repairs of dilapidated schools.

How about a ‘tuak festival’, DAP asks Sarawak govt

State DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen says Sarawak tourism ministry should capitalise on Peninsular Malaysia’s ‘self-created fiasco’ in barring major beer events.

Warisan concerned over unregistered native TCM practitioners

It says many traditional and complementary medicine practitioners in Sabah have failed to register with the health ministry, risking a fine or jail time.