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Tag: Nato

Trump threatens Merkel with pipeline sanctions and US troop cut

'We’re protecting Germany from Russia, and Russia is getting billions and billions of dollars in money from Germany for its gas,' says Trump.

Kosovo celebrates ’20 years free’ with Clinton visit

Kosovo prepares to mark 20 years since the NATO intervention that ended its war with Serbia and cleared a path for independence, starting with a visit from former US President Bill Clinton.

Four Afghans killed and four US troops wounded in Kabul suicide...

The blast comes one day after an Islamic State suicide bomber blew himself up outside an Afghan army military academy, killing at least six people.

Pentagon calls Turkey plan to buy Russian missiles ‘devastating’

Completion of this transaction would be devastating, not only to the F-35 program but it would also potentially rupture Turkish interoperability with NATO.

Political novice wins Lithuania presidential race

Nauseda also hints he wants to soften Lithuania's often sharp rhetoric towards Russia, but insist that relations could only be improved if Moscow changes its policy towards Ukraine.

Trump says it would be big mistake for Iran to try...

The United States has ratchet up sanctions on Iran, saying it wants to reduce its oil exports to zero.

Saudi oil tankers among those attacked off UAE amid Iran tensions

A US official familiar with American intelligence says Iran is a leading candidate for having carried out the attacks but no conclusive proof.

Montenegro convicts pro-Russian politicians of coup plot

Two Russian men, who prosecutors said were intelligence officers, were handed the heaviest sentences of 12 and 15 years in absentia.

Trump mahu Brazil jadi negara sekutu di luar NATO

17 negara lain memegang status sekutu di luar NATO termasuk Israel, Jepun dan Korea Selatan.

NATO prods Turkey to choose US over Russia in picking missiles

Washington says the S-400s, if deployed in Turkey, could collect critical information on the stealth capabilities of the F-35.

After ‘caliphate’ collapse, jihadists head to Afghanistan to plot attacks

But the well-funded group has replenished its ranks with foreign fighters and local recruits looking for a decent wage.

More civilians now killed by US and Afghan forces than by...

The majority of the deaths resulted from US air strikes or from search operations on the ground, primarily conducted by US-backed Afghan forces.

Macedonians vote in election dominated by splits over name change

The polls did not go well as Macedonians were disappointed with the lack of foreign direct investments and a high unemployment rate.

New name, old worries: North Macedonia holds presidential vote

Even among those who have accepted the name change, many have done so reluctantly, convinced by the promises of rapprochement with the EU .

Nato chief to meet Trump, alliance critic, on anniversary

Trump has long questioned the usefulness of the alliance and characterised fellow members as freeloaders.

Serbia marks 20 years since NATO bombing campaign

The sound of an air raid siren kicked off the ceremony at 7.45pm, the minute when the strikes began on March 24, 1999, and the airing of scenes of the bombings on a big screen.

Pelosi pledges long-term US backing of NATO, EU

The congressmen are reaffirming their commitment to the transatlantic alliance and their commitment to NATO, as mentioned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Macedonia tandatangan perjanjian Nato walau tidak disukai Rusia

Macedonia diterima memasuki Nato selepas bekas republik Yugoslavia itu menyelesaikan pertikaian 27 tahun dengan sekutu Nato, Yunani.

NATO leaders to meet in London in December

Trump has been criticising NATO leaders for freeloading on protection provided by US military.

NATO to ‘re-examine’ Kosovo mission after army vote

Kosovo and Serbia have struggled to make progress in faltering EU-led talks to normalise their ties.

Nato exercises cyber defences as threat grows

Their weapons are fast computers with vulnerability-analysis code, forensic software and special database-management tools.

Russia slams ‘unfounded’ Austrian spy accusations

The spy row risks hurting Russia's ties with one of its rare European allies.

Erdogan says Turkey discussing Halkbank with US after Trump call

Turkey's state-owned Halkbank has been one of the main points of disagreement between the two NATO allies.

US soldier killed in ‘apparent insider attack’ in Kabul

The latest "green-on-blue" attack takes the number of US soldiers to die in Afghanistan this year to eight.