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Tag: nature

Put down your phone if you want your brain to reap...

Being in nature can give a boost to your brain power, but only if you put away your phone and laptop, suggests a new US study.

Boucheron celebrates nature with expertise, creativity and innovation

The French jewelry house has unveiled its latest high-jewelry collection, “Nature Triomphante,” combining scientific techniques, high-end skills and creative innovation.

BBC presenter in Sabah to capture wildlife experience

Kate Humble is on a 9-day wildlife shoot in Sabah’s east coast.

Snake bites and chocolate: Costa Rican women teach tourists jungle secrets

Tourists often stay with local families in thatched wooden houses to absorb Bribri traditions and learn the language, while some make appointments with traditional doctors who prescribe plant-based medicines.

Mother Nature runs wild on China’s emerald isle

The once thriving fishing community was abandoned, with entire houses completely overgrown as if shrink-wrapped in a lush layer of green.

Albania’s pelicans return to their lagoon ‘kingdom’

Since the 1980s, Europe's bird population has declined by several tens of millions, according to ornithologists.

Tree-chopping, eagle-feeding and jet skis among threats to Langkawi, says group

A conservation group has offered to help the Kedah government in the wake of claims that the holiday island could lose its Unesco status.