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Russia, US trade charges after near naval collision

Russia and the United States on Friday accused each other of dangerous manoeuvres after their naval ships came close to collision in the East China Sea.

India’s own Tejas light fighter jet on show at Lima

Two of the light combat aircraft will put on aerobatic displays while a navy corvette is also coming for the defence show

Pakistan navy says it stopped Indian sub from entering its waters

A Pakistan naval spokesman said that the submarine was not targeted in accordance with Islamabad's policy of maintaining the peace.

Saudi agrees joint venture with French firm to boost navy

The memorandum of understanding between Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and France's Naval Group is aimed at providing the oil-rich Gulf state's navy with 'state-of-the-art systems'.

US Navy chief does not rule out sending aircraft carrier through...

Admiral John Richardson says sending a US aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait remains an option for the US Navy, despite advances in China's military technology.

‘At any cost’: China warns US Navy over Taiwan

China sees Taiwan as part of its territory to be reunified, despite the 2 sides being ruled separately since they split in 1949.

US, Ukraine navy heads meet after Russia ship seizure

Ukraine's foreign minister calls for a speedy international response to Russia's 'aggression' after it seized the 3 Ukrainian navy ships and 24 sailors.

Iran navy launches stealth warship in the Gulf

In a ceremony carried live on state television, the Sahand destroyer - which can sustain voyages lasting five months without resupply - joined Iran's regular navy at a base in Bandar Abbas on the Gulf.

Suhakam to probe navy cadet’s death in Lumut

Suhakam commissioner Lok Yim Pheng says the commission will start its investigations soon.

Taiwan navy adds 2 new warships as China tensions grow

Beijing still claims self-ruled Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting reunification, by force if necessary, even though the two sides have been ruled separately since 1949 after a civil war.

Russia turns up uninvited to major Nato wargames

Russia has already made clear its displeasure at Nato's Trident Juncture exercises.

Gin Pahit and the drinks of the British Empire

By the early 20th century, Pink Gin spread all over the British Empire to become an elegant and fashionable drink among the cocktail loving classes.

Russia’s biggest war games include submarine hunt in Pacific

About 3,200 troops from China have joined about 300,000 Russian troops for a week of war games in Siberia and the Far East.

Navy cadet’s death: Lawyers say post-mortem ‘never released’

The lawyers say only the preliminary post-mortem report was presented to Joseph Soosaimanicckam's family this month, with lab results still pending.

US braces for ‘major’ hurricane Florence

Florence was producing large swells expected to reach from the northern Caribbean to the southern coasts of Canada's Maritime provinces.

British Navy warship sails near Beijing-claimed South China Sea islands

Beijing dispatched a frigate and two helicopters to challenge the British vessel, but both sides remained calm during the encounter.

Ghost ship in Myanmar waters earlier towed by Indonesian-manned vessel

The navy scoured the waters for a second ship and found the "Independence" vessel, carrying 13 Indonesian crew members, about 80 kilometres from Yangon's shores.

More US naval officers charged with receiving bribes from Fat Leonard

The biggest scandal involving the US navy widens as three more officers are indicted for allegedly receiving bribes from a Malaysian naval defence contractor known as Fat Leonard.

China, Southeast Asia kick off inaugural maritime drills

The bloc and China made progress in a drawn-out process to negotiate a code of conduct in the disputed South China Sea, where China and some of the bloc's members have conflicting claims.

Navy trying to dodge probe into ‘torture’ death, says family

The lawyer for J Soosaimanicckam’s family says they were not called to give evidence in an investigation which the navy chief claimed had been completed.

Mat Sabu pledges no cover-up in death of navy cadet

He urges the family members of J Soosaimanicckam, who died while undergoing training in Lumut last May, to be patient.

‘You are my very heart,’ says wife of diver who died...

Samarn Kunan, 38, a former member of the elite navy SEALs unit, was the only casualty in a multinational operation to save the boys and their coach.

Navy cadet claimed he was ‘tortured’ before his death, say lawyers

Lawyer N Surendran questions why a cadet trainee in the pink of health should drop dead one week into his service.

Singapore jails woman in ‘Fat Leonard’ US Navy graft case

Gursharan Kaur Sharon Rachael is said to have leaked confidential contract information in exchange for cash and luxury vacations in Bali and Dubai.