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Tag: Nazir Razak

Nazir lepas jawatan pengerusi CIMB pada Disember

Nazir Razak menerusi Instagramnya berkata, lembaga pengarah CIMB akan mengaktifkan rancangan penggantinya.

We are not forcing Nazir to resign, says Daim

The CEP chairman says the decision whether Nazir Razak should leave before his contract ends is entirely up to the banker.

Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan tak paksa Nazir lepas jawatan CIMB

Pengerusi Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan berkata, terpulang kepada Nazir Razak jika beliau mahu melepaskan jawatan pengerusi Kumpulan CIMB sebelum tamat kontrak.

Nazir: Belum ada keputusan tentang pengerusi CIMB

Dalam kenyataan hari ini, Nazir berkata, tiada komunikasi dibuat dengan sesiapa atau mana-mana badan mengenai kedudukannya.

Nazir Razak: Kerajaan harus kaji rangka kerja GLC, GLIC

Pengerusi Kumpulan CIMB itu berkata, beberapa pembaharuan GLC sebelum ini berjaya, tetapi 1MDB dan Felda bukan sebahagian daripada program pembaharuan itu.

Nazir Razak says govt should review GLC, GLIC framework

Prominent banker says some previous GLC reforms were successful, but 1MDB, Felda were not part of the reform programme.

Nazir Razak congratulates Dr M on return to office

The brother of former prime minister Najib Razak says Malaysia can now undergo the 'major recalibration' he had always called for.

Hati-hati sebelum lulus akta berita palsu, kata adik Najib

Pengerusi Kumpulan CIMB Nazir Razak tidak setuju pelaksanaan undang-undang itu dengan tergesa-gesa.

Defer anti-fake news bill, says Nazir Razak

The prime minister's brother says the bill should not be rushed as it is about the basic rights of individual expression.

Nazir on why bank owners want to give up banking

The CIMB Group chairman says banking landscape has changed much and is posing difficult challenges, adding that only those who can adapt and adopt will remain in business.

CIMB’s Nazir says stock market won’t crash

Nazir Razak says not only are Malaysia’s reserves strong, the banks are also on a sound footing, having learnt lessons from the 1987 financial crisis.

CIMB’s Nazir Razak said to plan US$1 billion Southeast Asia fund

Nazir, 4 partners’ local connections and understanding of Southeast Asian business culture is expected to give them an edge over other foreign funds.

Tunku Idris ‘terkejut’ kedai dobi di Muar laksana dasar Islam sahaja

Tunku Idris memuatnaik pandangannya di Instagram mengenai tindakan seorang pengusaha dobi menawarkan perkhidmatan kepada orang Islam.

Tunku Idris ‘appalled’ over Muslim-only launderette

The Johor prince takes to Instagram to say he is 'appalled' over the move.

Malaysian economy set to grow in 2017, says Nazir Razak

CIMB Group chairman says that a more cautious global economic growth in the second half of this year may impede momentum.

Nazir Razak trades in RM32 million CIMB shares

CIMB says it involves a share transfer from Nazir to a company owned by him and as such, it said there is no change in the ultimate beneficiary of these shares.

Is China in ‘investment’ mode or ‘loan’ mode?

It is probably true that China lends to us generously but the loan is tied to China being in charge of implementation.

Not so fast with China investments, caution opposition MPs

Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen says the model deployed in Africa may not succeed in Malaysia, while Klang MP Charles Santiago says cost benefit analysis is needed to gauge the viability of the projects.

Nazir Razak to step down from EPF panel this month

Nazir says he has put in a 'record' 15 years with EPF and thanks follow panel members.

Nurul Izzah on working with Mahathir who jailed her father

Anwar Ibrahim's daughter tells forum of her initial struggle working with the man who had removed her father from government, adding that she has remained civil towards Mahathir.

Putrajaya must improve transparency on 1MDB, says Nazir

CIMB group chairman Nazir Razak expects greater caution from investors and consumers leading up to the next general election, which he believes BN will win.

Set up TN50 national consultative council, says DAP

Lim Kit Siang says the council should be chaired by Nazir Razak with representatives from the government, political parties and civil society among others.

Nazir acclaimed as prominent figure in M’sia, Asean

The CIMB Group Holdings chairman has been very vocal in expressing views and providing thought leadership towards improving the Asean Economic integration, says Miti Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

Chelsea fan Nazir Razak appointed to QPR board

CIMB Group chairman becomes latest Malaysian on the Championship club's board.