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Moody’s downgrades Petronas’ ratings, changes outlook to ‘stable’

The global rating agency says the lower ratings are due to its revised cross-sector methodology.

Always feeling bitter and negative? You need to read this

Not taking charge of our negative emotions can have devastating effects on us.

How self-acceptance can balance your mind

Think of self-acceptance as something you can nurture, and a skill you can practice versus an innate trait you either have or don’t.

Moody’s changes Petronas’ ratings outlook from stable to negative

The rating agency said this is due to Putrajaya's announcement that Petronas would be paying RM26 billion in dividends in 2018 and RM54 billion in 2019.

How sports can affect your emotional well-being

While many studies support the positive effects derived from participating in a sporting activity, in some cases, the reverse occurs.

Time to focus on re-building Umno, says Mohamad Hasan

He says the problems within Umno caused by negative issues and lies are now all over.

Good social media experiences don’t outweigh bad ones for young adults

For many, the adverse effect of negative social media experiences on mental health can outweigh any potential benefits of positive experiences.

IDEAS: China investments showing trickle-down effect but…

IDEAS CEO Ali Salman says since China’s investments increased, outpacing Malaysian FDIs into China, Malaysian exports to China have fallen badly which may not be a coincidence.

Malay dailies ‘roasted’ over negative reporting on silver win

Kosmo and Berita Harian slammed on social media for downplaying the silver-medal win by national badminton mixed-doubles pair Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying.

Ringgit to face volatility due to Brexit

Economist says a fresh round of capital outflows is also expected to happen.