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Tense atmosphere dims hopes for US-China deal

Blacklisting of Chinese companies could deepen divisions between Washington and Beijing.

US-N.Korea talks end in contrasting assessments

North Korea says the US has disappointed and dampened enthusiasm for negotiations.

Taliban send team to Russia after US talks collapse

The purpose of the visits is not to try to revive negotiations with the US but to assess regional support for forcing the US to leave Afghanistan.

Trump says Taliban talks ‘dead,’ US military to ramp up Afghanistan...

Donald Trump had hoped to cap months of US negotiations with the Taliban militants with a secret meeting at Camp David.

Trump says US, China getting close to ‘fair deal for everyone’

In the latest twist in months of negotiations that have seen moments of optimism give way to even greater escalation, Trump says US and China can now resume trade talks.

US, Taliban resume push for peace at Doha talks

The US wants to withdraw thousands of troops but only in return for the insurgent group renouncing Al-Qaeda and curbing attacks.

India, US resume trade talks as tariffs war heats up

Negotiations between India and the United States has begun over the latter's decision to impose tariffs on Indian goods.

US leaves door open to China on trade talks at G20

Steven Mnuchin warns the United States will impose more tariffs if a deal with China is not reached stating they are open with the republic on negotiations.

Fiorentina confirms sale process

The club says their board has resigned after being informed by the Della Valle family that a sale process is under way.

US heads to new talks with Taliban

Zalmay Khalilzad is on a 17-day trip that will also take him to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates.

Fear and hoping: expectations surge ahead of new US-Taliban talks

Neither side has stated how long they expect the meetings to last or the details of what will be discussed.

Turkey faces crucial vote on EU accession before local ballot

A final vote in the parliament’s plenum will take place before the Mar 31 vote in Turkey, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Malaysia, Singapore begin ‘breakthrough’ water negotiations

The water agreement is one of eight matters up for negotiation with Singapore.

US-China trade talks set to open in Beijing

The 2 countries have already slapped tariffs on more than US$360 billion in 2-way trade.

China’s top trade negotiator to visit US

Vice Premier Lu He will visit Washington for negotiations after an agreement for a three-month trade war truce by President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

US-China trade talks spill into 3rd day

Asian markets rise on increasing optimism that the two sides will be able to hammer out a deal ahead of a March deadline and avert further import tariff hikes.

US negotiators in Beijing for trade war talks

The US delegation in Beijing includes officials from the Treasury, Commerce, Agriculture and Energy departments.

India cancels rare Pakistan meeting over ‘brutal killings’

India has long accused Pakistan of arming rebel groups in Kashmir, a Himalayan territory divided between the two countries but claimed in full by both.

US sends Iran messages “every day” to begin negotiations, says Iranian...

Rouhani says the US is pressuring the people of Iran and at the same time, sending messages to commence negotiations.

Thailand in the dark over new facilitator in peace talks

However, it says it is up to Malaysia when it wants to inform Thailand of the development as it is an internal matter.

US, China to resume trade talks in Washington amid low expectations

The discussions among mid-level officials could set a framework for further negotiations as each country prepares to hit the other with new tariffs in a deepening dispute over China's economic policies.

Iran’s Khamenei: ‘No war, no negotiations with the US’

Despite renewed US sanctions, many Iranians see US hostility as only a contributing factor to long-standing problems inside the country.

No, we won’t send warships to South China Sea, says Saifuddin

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says the country will not send warships without any valid reason, although it is as concerned as other Asean nations about China’s activities.

UK says it won’t blink first on Brexit, so EU must...

Talks have stalled as EU negotiators awaited a clear plan from the UK for its future relationship with the EU.