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Tag: NEP.

Time for ‘People Before Profits 2.0’

Instead of projects that put 'profits before people', Malaysians should focus on issues that benefit the population such as climate change, protecting the environment, and caring for indigenous peoples and marginalised communities.

Decentralising the education system

Reform of the education system, not just single reform measures, is urgently needed.

The contradictions that are pulling down our nation

We talk about hard work, trustworthiness and knowledge but reward laziness, incompetence and dishonesty.

Affirmative action a flop, make it needs-based, says Sabah think tank...

Institute for Development Studies Sabah chairman Simon Sipaun says the policy has become a divisive factor defeating the objectives of the NEP.

Go beyond NEP and focus on all, says think tank

Research outfit says affirmative action has led to dissension and discord, although the NEP was meant to build and unite a nation.

Malaysian agenda or non-Malay agenda?

A critical examination will show that the 'Malaysian agenda' which has been portrayed as inclusive is actually the 'non-Malay agenda'.

NEP 2.0 might help PH win Malay support, says analyst

Azizuddin Mohd Sani says Pakatan Harapan must come up with clearer policies for the Malays to gain their support.

Malays still far behind, benefits needed, says Umno MP

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says there are still more rich Chinese than rich Malays in the country.

Poverty line in Malaysia should be 3 times higher, says expert

Martin Ravallion says data transparency in Malaysia is 'well below' the standards expected of a developed country.

How can Malaysia become a developed nation?

Our initial goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020 looks distant and unattainable.

On affirmative action, Bumiputeras and Malay privileges

All Malaysians should be able to reclaim their inalienable rights and understand the transient nature of affirmative action.

The Bumiputera congress and Azmin’s New Malay

The New Malay must not simply be another version of the Old Malay – he needs to inculcate values such as the four K's: keterbukaan, kesederhanaan, keihsanan, and keberusahawanan.

30% figure under NEP flawed, needs review, says Malay group

The Malay Economic Action Council says the 30% equity for Bumiputeras does not represent the actual situation on the ground.

Time for all of us to ‘bangkit’, not just the Malays

The “Melayu Bangkit” rally would have been more useful if the organisers had galvanised the Malays to make full use of government initiatives to help uplift the Bumiputeras.

‘Malays still a focus with class-based aid’

Malays will automatically benefit from needs-based affirmative action, but an economist says there is still a need to specifically address Malay poverty.

‘Both Malays and non-Malays playing politics over NEP’

PPBM strategist Wan Saiful Wan Jan says it's time for a frank, non-racial appraisal of the New Economic Policy.

PM says will cancel contracts, licences of Bumiputeras who don’t deliver

Saying it is no use talking about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if they remain ‘coolies’, Mahathir Mohamad reminds Bumiputeras not to sell licences and contracts given to them to non-Bumiputeras.

To stop the brain drain, ensure a level-playing field

It’s time for affirmative action based on social and sectoral needs, not on race.

Affirmative action should be based on need

A dwindling minority cannot indefinitely support a growing majority without leaving a huge burden for future generations.

Report: In new Malaysia, some playing old game of stoking Malay...

The growing angst among Malays that their rights and privileges are under threat cannot be underestimated, says Straits Times editor in opinion piece.

Najib hopes NEP ‘review’ won’t make things worse

The former premier questions the need to revamp the National Economic Policy which he says was a success when Barisan Nasional was in power.

Needs-based policies, but bumis need not worry, says Putrajaya

The economic affairs minister says policies implemented in Selangor can be replicated at federal level.

Don’t worry about racial benefits, Anwar tells Malays

Anwar Ibrahim says he will 'honour the guarantees' for Malays as set out in the constitution, while other races will also receive state support based on merit and need.

How Dr M can tackle Malaysia’s Bumiputera policy

Dr Mahathir is the only Malaysian leader who has the historical stature, personal charisma and political capital to promote changes in the NEP.