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Tag: Netizens

New Malaysia: Who’s next on the reform chopping block?

It is normal for an incoming administration to replace some of those seen to have sided with the earlier administration and so the guessing game has begun: Who’s next?

Singapore’s Olympic champion panned for comments on KL SEA Games

Swimmer Joseph Schooling however said he was looking forward to meeting his Malaysian fans after having been recorded as stating that he wanted to teach Malaysians ‘a thing or two’ in their backyard.

Environmentalists horrified by shark finning pictures in Sabah

They urge the Federal Government to amend the Fisheries Act and protect sharks by giving greater powers to the state.

Netizens bash latest Proton Perdana over its price

Many note its hefty price tag is simply too expensive for a locally manufactured car.

Give us back our money, say Rayani Air customers

Netizens and Rayani Air customers unsympathetic over plight faced by Malaysia's first shariah-compliant airline.

Orlando massacre: Insensitive remarks condemned by Malaysians

Malaysians on social media take to task those who praise gunman over killing of people from the LGBT community.

Cybertroopers, news portals create own versions of reality

Prime Minister Najib Razak says netizens must differentiate between truths and half truths before forming their own judgement.

Archived: Road rage girl Kiki now a Perkasa recruit

Kiki receives her Perkasa membership card at a ceremony in Shah Alam.

Khalid popular with netizens

Many say he's done a good job as Selangor MB.