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Kerajaan perlu atasi ketidakseimbangan perdagangan dengan India, kata Teresa

Isu ketidakseimbangan perdagangan antara Malaysia dengan India turut dibangkitkan dalam mesyuarat Kabinet.

Indian girl’s throat slit in spate of deadly kite accidents

Kite flying is a popular sport in India but has turned deadly in recent years, with people using strings coated in metal or glass to try to cut down competitors' kites.

Pakistan suspends trade with India, downgrades diplomatic ties

The Pakistani government announces a series of measures to oppose what it calls 'unilateral and illegal actions' taken by India.

29 die as bus falls off India’s ‘highway to hell’

The driver of the bus fell asleep resulting in a crash killing 29 people on one of India's busiest road called the 'highway to hell' connecting New Delhi to Agra.

16 Indian commandos killed in fresh election violence

'Maoists attacked a team of commandos travelling in a private vehicle to inspect an earlier attack. So far 16 men have died,' an official at police says.

Three selfie-crazy Indian teens crushed by train

'The victims were busy taking selfies and they jumped to a second track without realising another train was coming on that,' M.S. Dabas says.

A tale of two Delhis: Deadly air exposes rich poor divide

For the well-heeled in the capital, eating out means enjoying a gourmet spread amid sprawling green spaces but the poor must deal with dust and toxic fumes from vehicles zipping past rickety roadside food stalls in the world's most polluted major city.

Jobless millions to haunt India election

The government's failure to create enough jobs is a key issue for voters in the polls.

Boris Johnson: New EU vote would unleash British ‘anger’

The former foreign minister turned tormentor of Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May mocks the 'bastards' who run the EU as he attacks the bloc.

India’s newly launched fast train hits cattle hurdle

On the Vande Bharat Express' return to the capital, a collision with a cow disrupted electricity supply to four carriages and damaged the brake system.

India takes ‘big step’ in AIDS fight with gay sex ruling

Many gay and transgender people say they encounter discrimination and stigma during health checkups, leading some to avoid doctors' visits altogether.

Camels, stunts and military might as India marks Republic Day

Around 25,000 police and paramilitary forces were deployed across the city for the event.

Pelancong mabuk naik kereta api di New Delhi meningkat

Sepanjang tahun 2018 seramai 1,416 penumpang mabuk didenda berbanding 476 pada 2017.

Rain clears smog in Indian capital yet air quality “very poor”

The federal government air quality index rates Delhi's air quality "very poor" and has a similar forecast for Monday.

Kajian: 1.24 juta penduduk India maut kerana pencemaran udara tahun lepas

Kajian menunjukkan 51.4% kematian adalah dalam kalangan mereka yang lebih muda dan berusia di bawah 70 tahun.

3 maut dirempuh kereta api di New Delhi

Menurut data antara 2015 dan 2017, kira-kira 50,000 orang maut ketika menyeberangi landasan kereta api di India.

India mohon pengampunan untuk pekerja tidak berdokumen warganya

Terdapat kira-kira 150,000 pekerja warga India di Malaysia., tetapi tiada anggaran jumlah yang tidak berdokumen.

Bollywood star’s statue symbolises India’s changing mores

Born Karenjit Kaur Vohra to a Sikh Punjabi family, Leone, 37, made a name for herself in the porn industry before breaking into Bollywood in 2012.

Weak Rupee to cost India US$9.5 billion more to repay foreign...

India's short-term debt obligations, which included non-resident deposits as well as overseas commercial borrowings by companies, totalled US$217.6 billion in 2017.

India’s women-only comedy show tackles breasts, bras and bias

Men are not allowed to attend, perform, or even check tickets at the most recent show at a New Delhi club.

Modi says ‘sleeping elephant’ India has woken up

Modi announced that an ambitious health insurance scheme will be rolled out on September 25.

Pasar rempah Khari Baoli di New Delhi tak pernah suram

jangan terkejut jika dijeling tajam atau dilayan buruk di pasar itu sekiranya anda tidak berniat untuk membeli apa-apa tetapi sekadar melihat sahaja.

India detains mother over dead baby in AirAsia plane toilet

In the few minutes before landing, cabin crew on the domestic Air Asia flight found the dead foetus.

Tempers fray, fists fly in India’s daily battle for water

Studies by the United Nations and other groups have warned that the country's water crisis will worsen unless action is taken.