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Dr M: It’ll take 2 years to set foundations for Malaysia’s...

The prime minister says Malaysia is now a 'half-dead' tiger but is optimistic the country will get back on its feet soon.

Get rid of deadwood in civil service now

Civil servants who are unproductive and a bane to the civil service will have to be axed if they fail to deliver on their Key Performance Indicators.

New government but same old, same old for families of abductees

The families of Pastor Raymond Koh and activist Amri Che Mat say there have been no updates despite a new government in place for more than 100 days now.

Enough of blaming BN, move on and do your best, former...

Nancy Shukri says the PH government needs to stop blaming the previous government for past mistakes and show that it can come up with great plans and perform for the good of the people.

Najib: I hope PH does better than my team

The ex-PM tempers his combativeness with a statesman's attitude, saying he cares too much for Malaysia to wish failure for the new government.

India hopes new Pakistan government will work for terror-free South Asia

India said it hoped the new government of Pakistan would "work constructively" to end militancy in South Asia.

Corruption: Are we angry enough to act?

Malaysia draws international attention for illicit financial outflows, but does not seem able to move from just talking about it to actually fighting corruption.

Hope for refugees in the new Malaysia?

Human rights defenders can only hope that democratic renewal and our own experience with political persecution will somehow translate into a more compassionate refugee policy.

Time to stop putting people on a pedestal

Malaysians should stop treating PH leaders like they can do no wrong, and instead hold them accountable on their promised reforms.

Mahathir’s shadow boxers

Those who believe that Dr Mahathir Mohamad still needs to prove himself ought to live by the same rule.

Restoring integrity and accountability in the public service

The PH government should remove itself from direct involvement in public service appointments and hand the task over to a specialised body.

Pimco turns cautious on Malaysia as tax reform to hurt revenue

Pacific Investment Management Co says the new government's economic reforms will hurt state finances.

Now APAD, will BPAD or CPAD be next?

The new government must consider the consequences of the choices it makes, and avoid extreme populist tendencies for the good of the country.

‘Inclusive politics’ and Malaysia’s future

Malaysians voted for an inclusive Malaysia, and it is up to the new government to make good on this.

Don’t just side with the civil servants

The government should look at each situation from both sides of the story.

Debts and the push for reforms

Although the PH government is undoubtedly reform-oriented, civil society groups still have a role to play in keeping it aligned with the values and principles it claims to espouse.

Enough with the flattery, Anwar tells media

The PKR leader says media outlets are free to criticise the government, while politicians must also accept the criticism.

How we can streamline the new government

Some suggestions on how the government ministries, departments and agencies can be restructured for more efficient operations.

Kit Siang adds his voice to calls for Apandi to resign...

The veteran DAP parliamentarian says Apandi Ali, and all other political appointees, should do the honourable thing and resign now that a new government is in place.

Government has no intention to buy back Proton, says Dr M

The prime minister says the decision is up to tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

Sabahans still getting used to ‘new Sabah’

For the past 14 years or so, Sabahans have been so used to the same government and ministers that they are finding it difficult to take in the change.

Will the real Maszlee please stand up?

Education Minister Maszlee Malik should clear the air on claims regarding his ideological leanings and alleged support for Zakir Naik.

An open letter to Dr Mahathir

A congratulatory message to the new prime minister and some suggestions on the way forward for the Pakatan Harapan government.

Some suggestions for our new health minister

Ensure the independence of the Malaysian Medical Council, overhaul hospital infrastructure, and relook human resource distribution, among others.