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Death claims three journalists and I wonder if I’ll be next

I am reminded again that nothing is permanent; if anything is permanent, surely it can only be death.

Media veteran KP Waran dies of cancer

He covered conflicts in places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Cambodia.

NSTP ajak kakitangan berubah kepada era selepas BN

Kakitangan 3 akhbar harian yang diterbitkan kumpulan media pro-Umno itu diminta berbuat demikian dalam taklimat khas bagi berubah dari segi editorial susulan kekalahan mengejut BN.

Let’s change, NSTP tells staff to ‘adjust’ to post-BN era

Staff of three dailies published by the pro-Umno media group told in a special briefing to adjust 'editorially' following Barisan Nasional's shock defeat.

No, MACC didn’t raid my office, says Guan Eng

Penang CM also denies reports that his office was temporarily shut yesterday, says it was business as usual.

Is Media Prima the target for a take-over?

The increased interest in Media Prima, despite losses it has made, indicate that something is brewing – possibly a merger with one of the big telecommunication firms, says report.

Guan Eng gets writ of summons from See-To over alleged defamation

BNSC deputy director says he is still waiting for a response from Lim Guan Eng, two months after the Penang CM announced his intention to sue him.

Tired of waiting, See-To to send legal letter to Guan Eng

BNSC deputy director Eric See-To says he has not received any legal letter from Penang CM whose office stated intention to sue him for defamation almost four weeks ago.

Veteran journalist, author Rehman Rashid dies

Taiping-born Rehman suffered a heart attack in January while cycling.

Anwar, peguam dan NST capai penyelesaian di mahkamah

Peguam memohon maaf terhadap Anwar Ibrahim dan isteri mendiang Karpal Singh; NST terbit permohonan maaf

Anwar, lawyer and NST settle suit

Lawyer apologises before Anwar Ibrahim and late Karpal Singh’s wife, with NST publishing retraction and apology.

PPBM man files defamation suit against NST

A Parti Pribumi Besatu Malaysia party man claims two articles by NST were edited and published with malicious intent.

NST reporter roughed up by scratch-card gang

Out jogging at KLCC Park, she is approached by a man and two women urging her to take part.