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Tag: New York Times

Israel bombed Iraqi weapons depot, says NYT

Israel has repeatedly bombed Iranian targets in neighboring Syria, but an expansion of the campaign to Iraq will risk damaging ties with Washington.

Madonna slams New York Times profile

Madonna argues the article focuses too much on her age, something she feels would not have happened were she a man.

Pakistan censors NYT article critical of military

Last week, over a dozen PTM protestors, were detained including prominent rights activist Gulalai Ismail.

New York Times pokes Zuckerberg with anniversary video

The video congratulates Mark Zuckerberg for turning Facebook into an online behemoth, but spends most of its time playfully flipping through virtual cards recounting its troubles with privacy, hacking, hate speech, violence and more.

Most of Trump’s cabinet denies writing NYT op-ed

Most of Trump’s cabinet members and several top White House officials had joined Vice-President Mike Pence in issuing public denials of authoring the op-ed.

Anonymous official slams Trump in NYT ‘resistance’ op-ed

The writer indicates that he or she is a political appointee, not a career civil servant - a class of federal employees that some Trump allies have long derided as a 'deep state' set on undermining him.

Batash had ‘undercover job’ for Hamas, says report

NYT says lecturer was killed in a Mossad operation against Palestinians sent out by Hamas to gain expertise and weapons knowledge.

Malaysia now a centre of intrigue, says NYT

Report in influential newspaper says Palestinian's murder shows up Malaysia's permissive environment for extremists.

New York Times, New Yorker win Pulitzer for #MeToo watershed

The prestigious prize has been awarded to the Times team led by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey and New Yorker contributor Ronan Farrow.

Trump ordered Mueller’s firing, then backed off, says NYT

Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel in May by the Justice Department after FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the agency's Russia investigation, was sacked.

Media apologises to Kimora for linking brand to 1MDB probe

New York Post apologises to Kimora Lee Simmons and yanks article saying her fashion line is at the centre of a corruption probe.

New York Times sees digital subscriptions surge

The newspaper said it saw a net increase of 41,000 paid subscriptions in the week after the Nov 8 vote, calling it the largest one-week subscription increase since 2011.

Trump’s monetary policies may hurt ringgit

Veteran journalist speculates President-elect Donald Trump will use higher interest rates to boost the US economy, causing havoc on currencies in developing nations.

Malaysian journo steps out in style at Emmys

Poh Si Teng, nominated for news documentary, puts on her best traditional kebaya to bring a touch of Malaysia to New York City gala event.

Anugerah AS untuk program Permata dibatal

Walaupun penganjur tidak mengesan sebarang salah laku secara khusus, mereka kesempitan masa untuk membuat semakan terhadap Permata.

Zahid: 1MDB not an issue with US officials

I've met the FBI and other parties...not even one word about 1MDB, says deputy premier.

Anifah Aman bidas surat terbuka Tun M kepada New York Times

Menteri Luar mdakwa Dr Mahathir cuba merosakkan nama negara di kaca mata media antarabangsa

Archived: My right to sue, says Najib

Prime Minister Najib Razak defends his right to sue Harakahdaily for a defamatory article about his family.

Enough with the lies – how involved is Jho Low with...

Tony Pua says an expose by the New York Times and Sarawak Report clearly shows that Jho Low is far from having “zero” involvement in 1MDB.

Archived: Malaysian Insider report under MCMC probe

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission said the online news portal failed to verify the accuracy of a New York Times report.