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Facebook hires professional journalists to highlight ‘right stories’

The move comes as the US media landscape is plagued by job losses and newspaper closures, with organisations trying to figure out how to record profits in the age of free news.

Training journalists in the era of fake news

Technology is not the answer as the journalist of tomorrow needs to be educated on how to discern what’s real and fake.

Social media popular, yet not trust worthy

Political news happens to be the most untrustworthy, yet people need their daily news dosage.

Robo-journalism gains traction in shifting media landscape

AI programmes such as 'Tobi' are becoming more widespread as news organisations turn to them to produce stories.

Fake and bad news is depressing market, JPM’s Kolanovic says

US stocks have lurched between gains and losses of at least 3%, volatility not seen during the global financial crisis a decade ago.

Govt wants media council to be set up soon, says Kadir...

He says the government will not be involved in the process and has left it to media practitioners to jointly discuss the matter.

A high-income country with RM1,050 minimum wage?

If the government does not undertake tough reforms that are in the overall interest of the country, this will be a long and possibly wrong road to God-knows-where.

Digital assistants hone skills to deliver the news

Devices such as Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers, Google Home and Apple HomePod are delivering news flashes and summaries.

China blocks Australian state broadcaster’s website

Ties between Canberra and Beijing have been strained recently over allegations that China is interfering in Australia's domestic politics and using donations to gain access.

Disney is said to consider news role for Sherwood after Fox...

Sherwood, who currently runs ABC, Freeform and Disney Channel, would become the head of worldwide news and nonfiction content at the company under one scenario that’s been discussed.

Study finds FMT, Kini ‘balanced and neutral’ in GE14 coverage

Academic study on election coverage finds FMT and another news portal's coverage critical of both sides of the divide.

PKR sorry Wan Azizah’s bodyguards blocked media

Permatang Pauh PKR chief Amir Ghazali says Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s return to Permatang Pauh as DPM meant protocol has to be observed.

Facebook used less for news as youngsters turn to WhatsApp, Reuters...

Some respondents still found news on Facebook but then posted items on a WhatsApp group for discussion with a closer set of friends.

Cambodia to monitor online news ahead of July election

The move is part of a crackdown on perceived government critics.

Facebook to swap ‘trending’ topics for breaking news

The Trending feature introduced four years ago listed stories buzzing on Facebook at any given time.

Malaysian state-linked media left scrambling after polls upset

They have wasted no time in switching their support to the new government.

Mainstream media should be fair, say BN leaders

The alleged bias of mainstream media reports in favour of the PH government since the general election is worrying some BN leaders.

El Salvador arrests 200 gang members in nationwide sweep

The arrest operation had begun late Sunday, with police targeting members of a number of gangs, including the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Barrio 18 and the smaller Mara Mao Mao.

StopFake.org: Ukrainian site fighting fake news on the front line

Stopfake.org is a website dedicated to combatting the spread of fake news.

Top China news app self-criticises after government crackdown

One of China's most popular news apps issued an abject apology Wednesday and pledged to increase its internal censorship staff to 10,000 after it and three other apps were temporarily banned by the government in a widening content crackdown.

STUDY: Bots, good or bad, dominate Twitter conversation

Automated accounts or "bots" play a big role in disseminating information on Twitter, accounting for two-thirds of tweets linking to popular websites, a study showed Monday.

Reddit redesign comes with 3 viewing options: Something for everyone?

Reddit will introduce not one, but three different viewing options to cater to all their users, old and new.

Give balanced, fair reports, Salleh tells foreign media

He says there are always speculative reports that try to project an image of strife in Malaysia whenever an election is held.

Mahathir: PH will free mainstream media from political control

PH will also remove all laws that restrict freedom of expression if it wins GE14, says coalition chairman.