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Nga arah RSN Rayer tarik balik ‘kepala bapak’

Timbalan Speaker Nga Kor Ming memberi amaran kepada wakil rakyat DAP itu kerana menggunakan perkataan tidak sopan dalam Dewan Rakyat.

3 DAP MPs suspended, booted out of Dewan

Deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee suspends the trio after they refused to apologise for calling on Pandikar Amin Mulia to resign.

Say sorry or face action, Pandikar warns 3 DAP MPs

The MPs had called for the speaker's resignation for rejecting an emergency motion to debate the seizure of the Equanimity.

Noh Omar: Opposition giving misleading statements

He also raps Selangor MB for not attending 71st National Council Meeting on Local Governments held last Monday.

Exco: Does DAP feel threatened by Zambry’s ‘turun padang’?

Perak Exco chides state DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming for saying it was a publicity stunt, stating this was not the first time the MB had done so.