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Messi scores twice as Argentina routs Nicaragua 5-1

Argentina play Colombia in Salvador before taking on Paraguay and Asian champions Qatar in Group B.

US citizen arrested during protests in Nicaragua killed in prison shooting

An American citizen arrested last year during months of anti-government protests was killed in a shooting at the prison where he was being held.

Nearly 1,000 Central American migrants in new caravans enter Mexico

Caravans from Central America have inflamed the debate over US immigration policy, with US President Donald Trump using the migrants to try secure backing for his plan to build a border wall on the frontier with Mexico.

Latin America grapples with migrant exodus that looks set to worsen...

Every day, about 5,000 Venezuelans leave home in one of the biggest exodus of people in modern South American history.

Amnesty International points to extrajudicial killings in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been roiled by unrest since demonstrations began against planned welfare cuts by Ortega's government in April, which then spiralled into a wider protest against him.

Thousands march in Nicaragua demanding jailed protesters be freed

The demonstration shows defiance over a law passed last month that threatens protesters with terrorism charges carrying up to 20 years behind bars.

Doctors sacked in Nicaragua for treating wounded protesters

The staff members were fired because they were deemed to support the protesters by treating them.

Young Latin Americans considers violence against women normal

A survey by aid agency Oxfam, interviewed 4,731 men and women aged 15 to 25 in Bolivia, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, showed violence against women is seen as normal.

Violent Nicaragua protests claim another 10 lives, rights group says

According to the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights, the Nicaraguan police and paramilitary groups loyal to President Daniel Ortega committed the killings.

Nicaragua students freed from church after violent night; one killed

The students took refuge inside the Divine Mercy Catholic Church on Friday after gunmen loyal to President Daniel Ortega began shooting at them.

Mexico will not intervene in Venezuela, Nicaragua crises

Incoming Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said in a radio interview on Monday that Mexico would now adopt a hands-off policy toward other nations.

At least 14 dead after raid by Nicaragua pro-govt forces: rights...

A raid by pro-government forces Sunday left at least 14 people dead in Nicaragua, where hundreds have been killed since unrest broke out in April.

US sanctions three Nicaraguan officials for rights abuse, corruption

Francisco Javier Díaz Madriz, Fidel Antonio Moreno Briones, and José Francisco López Centeno have had sanctions imposed upon them by the US for human rights abuses and corruption.

Protester dead, others shot, in anti-Ortega marches

CPDH rights group leader Marcos Carmona said the 23-year-old man was a street peddler who was shot in the head when some of the marchers strayed off the scheduled route.

Nicaragua clashes leave eight dead including baby, rights group says

According to CENIDH, the people killed were all either in Managua or Masaya.

Nicaraguan bishops meet again with president after weeks of violence

Nicaraguan bishops met embattled president Daniel Ortega on Thursday, presenting a proposal for what they called "democratization" of the country after weeks of protests.

‘Human tragedy’ of Nicaragua violence claims 121 lives: rights group

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH) said another 1,300 people have been wounded in the protests, which have met with a violent crackdown from the government.

Five more dead in unrest in Nicaragua

A total of 92 people have now died in the ongoing unrest.

Two killed in fresh Nicaragua clashes after talks collapse

Manuel Chevez and Luis Díaz were killed in clashes in León.

Nicaragua’s Ortega holds crisis talks with opposition after unrest

The talks involved representatives of university students who are leading the protests against Ortega as well as some from business groups and unions.

Nicaraguan protesters back on streets in push for justice

The protesters were demanding justice over the deaths of 43 people in anti-government unrest.

Sandinista bastion calls for Nicaragua leader to end repression

Although President Daniel Ortega's Sandinista party has historically been well-supported in León, such is no longer the case.

Protesters demand resignation of Nicaraguan president after unrest

On Sunday night, in an effort to calm the streets, Ortega said he had cancelled the welfare-overhaul initiative.

More than 20 dead in Nicaragua protests says rights group

But the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights says it is still trying to verify figures.