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Tag: Nicolas Maduro

Uproar as Venezuela wins seat on UN rights council

US says result an 'embarrassment' for UN, but Maduro's government hails it as 'historic victory'.

Trump says Venezuelans will end up ‘free’

Trump suspended senior members of Maduro government from entry into the United States.

Norway-mediated dialogue with Venezuela ends

The talks began after opposition leader Juan Guaido led a failed military uprising against President Nicolas Maduro, who walked away from discussions in August.

Venezuela threatens early elections to pressure opposition

Diosdado Cabello, Maduro's number two man is studying the possibility of calling parliamentary elections at the start of 2020.

China’s energy corporation shuns Venezuelan oil amid US sanctions

China petroleum joins Turkish Ziraat Bank by cancelling plans to purchase Venezuelan crude oil as America tightens sanctions against the South American nation.

China slams US for ‘bullying’ Venezuela

China and Russia's support for the Maduro government has been heavily criticised by the United States who describe it as 'intolerable'.

Venezuela accuses US of ‘economic terrorism’ over assets freeze

Representatives of Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido are involved in 'continuous' negotiations mediated by Norway.

Trump orders freeze on all Venezuelan govt assets in US

Trump's move came in light of Maduro's human rights abuses in Venezuela.

Lima Group: Venezuela crisis threatens international security

The Lima Group is pushing Venezuela to hold elections, something which Nicolas Maduro has refused to consider.

UN decries ‘shockingly high’ number of ‘executions’ in Venezuela

A United Nations report claims the Venezuelan government registers 6,856 alleged confrontational killings, warning of constituted 'executions'.

Guaido renews call for Maduro to step down after Norway talks

Juan Guaido has called for a 'large mobilisation' of protesters to rally against the government over shortages of gasoline and prolonged blackouts.

Maduro proposes early elections for opposition-run congress

Venezuela’s Congress is held by the opposition and to shift elections forwards is seen as a move to cleanse the Congress of Maduro’s detractors.

Venezuela buka semula sempadan dengan Brazil, Aruba

Bagaimanapun Venezuela terus menutup sempadan dengan Colombia, Bonaire dan Curacao.

Deputy to Venezuela’s Guaido imprisoned, Maduro accuses sacked general

Edgar Zambrano, deputy speaker of the opposition-majority National Assembly, is being held in preventive detention.

US expands Venezuela sanctions in Maduro pressure campaign

Under Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's leadership, Venezuela's economy has ground to a halt.

Guaido’s deputy arrested in Venezuela

Edgar Zambrano said agents had towed him and his car to prison after he refused to get out of the vehicle.

Maduro rallies military as Venezuela opposition marches on bases

Opposition leader Juan Guaido's uprising has been met with lukewarm response from the citizens of Venezuela.

Lima Group accuses Maduro of protecting Colombian ‘terrorist groups’

The bloc did not provide details on the groups in Colombia that it alleges Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is protecting.

Guaido faces test with call for ‘largest march’ in Venezuela history

Juan Guaido faces his 'largest march' in Venezuela calling to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Iran happy over Venezuelans ‘defeated coup’

Iran is supportive of Nicolas Maduro's government and is delighted over the defeat of Juan Guaido's May Day protest.

Rioting breaks out in Venezuela amid ‘attempted coup’

An apparently carefully planned attempt by Guaido to demonstrate growing military support has disintegrated into rioting as palls of black smoke.

Venezuela opposition’s Lopez leaves Chile embassy for Spanish consulate

'Lilian Tintori and Leopold Lopez have made a personal decision to move to the Spanish embassy,' says Chile's foreign minister on Twitter.

Rage, hope as Venezuelan soldiers join anti-Maduro protests

Violent clashes unfold as thousands of flag-waving opposition demonstrators take a stand to show their new allegiance to Guaido.

Venezuela’s Maduro appears with defence minister after uprising

This is a huge blow to opposition leader Juan Guaido who took to streets demanding for an uprising.