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Vape industry reduces smoking, provides jobs, say traders

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce urges Putrajaya not to ban vaping ahead of plans to regulate the industry.

Vaping liquid worth RM1.4 mil, believed to contain nicotine, seized

The operation against 78 outlets follows complaints on the sale of vaping liquid containing nicotine to students.

Tobacco Control Bill to be finalised by month’s end, says Dzulkefly

Health minister hopes to table the bill in Parliament early next year.

Quitting smoking? Here are 4 triggers you need to beat

Dealing with triggers is not easy. However, once you can identify your own smoking triggers, you're already halfway to quitting smoking.

Vapes with nicotine must be registered with health ministry

This is to ensure that the products fulfil safety regulations.

Smokers who roll their own cigarettes are less likely to quit

The main reason for this difference appears to be the lower cost of hand-rolling, which is significantly cheaper than smoking factory-made products.

Vaping, shisha with nicotine also banned at eateries from Jan 1

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says ministry officers will inspect these devices for nicotine during their checks on eateries.

How old Marlboro smokers are being wooed to try new devices

Philip Morris is trying other tactics as well, such as cold-calling companies and asking to hold seminars for its employees on the appeal of iQos.

Want to quit smoking? Here’s what ex-smokers have to say

A thread on Reddit titled 'Ex-smokers of Reddit, tell you what ACTUALLY WORKED to get you to successfully stop smoking,' gives great advice.

Cigars could contain even more nicotine than cigarettes

Study shows that nicotine is pretty high in cigars, and future regulation that affects cigarettes should also affect cigars.

Experts: Lower nicotine levels make no difference to smokers

Smokers will only go through more cigarettes to satisfy their craving for nicotine, they say.

Cabinet tasks 3 ministries to regulate vaping

Only pharmacies and doctors will be allowed to sell e-liquid with nicotine, while KPDNKK will enforce safety standards for vaping devices and batteries.

Use of e-cigarette slows in US as health concerns grow

Latest poll shows 47 percent of respondents say vaping not healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes, up from 38% in 2015