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Tag: non-halal

No non-halal elements in vaccines, assures health ministry

Deputy Health Minister Lee Boon Chye says every vaccine produced goes through a thorough study by qualified physicians.

More racially charged incidents after PH took over, says PAS leader

A Melaka PAS leader says there is a series of 'deliberate' and 'motivated' acts to create mistrust between communities.

More to Ramadan than just hunger and thirst

Ramadan should also be a time to cleanse our souls and make us more aware of the plight of others around us.

Blood has got no religion at National Blood Centre

Malaysians share the same blood at the bank, it says in response to needless controversy.

Of paintbrushes and mindless enforcement

The domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism ministry's raid on hardware shops and supermarkets in Klang Valley was at an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Sikit-sikit wanna boycott…sikit-sikit wanna boycott

Instead of wasting time boycotting restaurants over their petty policies, Malaysians should focus on issues that really carry weight.

Rejection of vaccines fan fears of disease surge in M’sia

Worry over non-halal vaccines provokes outcry among doctors, spurring calls for religious edict to compel Muslims to immunise children.