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Tag: non-Muslims

CM: Bubur lambuk not okay, but money acceptable?

Adly Zahari questions the criticism of non-Muslims distributing food and gifts during Ramadan.

Love all around in KL mosque as Jawi hosts priests to...

Leaders of major religious groups gathered for a buka puasa and an interfaith dialogue at the FT mosque.

Our monarchs are our own creation

If the monarchs have transgressed or meddled in the affairs of the state, it is because elected leaders have agreed to it or been complicit in allowing such transgressions to take place.

Cops investigate Guan Eng for sedition

IGP says 58 reports lodged against the finance minister over his response on the PAS-Umno alliance.

No place for racism in Islam

There isn’t a single verse in the Quran that debases a person’s race in the context of human relations.

Umno-PAS pact won’t sideline non-Muslims, Tok Mat assures

The acting Umno president says Umno and PAS are merely coming together on the same platform in the interest of uniting the Muslims.

Nazri’s logic on swearing by the Quran

With spent politicians, playing the race card is a matter of survival.

Sarawak to set up welfare fund for religious bodies

The fund would be created through the Unit for Other Religions.

In Christmas message, CM renews commitment to help Sarawak non-Muslims

Abang Johari Openg says some RM20 million has been allocated to carry out repairs of non-Muslim places of worship.

AIDS council slams proposed mandatory HIV tests for non-Muslims

It says one-off pre-marriage testing will give the impression that HIV screening is not necessary after marriage.

Hadi is dividing Malaysians, says Guan Eng

The DAP secretary-general says the PAS president’s insistence on going ahead with the anti-ICERD rally is really about the political survival of PAS.

Hadi: Malays could have dominated govt if they voted for PAS...

Speaking at the end of the PAS muktamar, Hadi says Umno-PAS cooperation can help check 'unreasonable' demands from non-Muslims.

PAS open to working with friends and foes, says Hadi

PAS president says this is to ensure an increase in the number of party members and supporters, with Islam leading changes.

Okay for non-Muslims to question caning, says preacher

Wan Ji Wan Hussin says the caning of lesbians is not Quranic law but was adapted from the punishment for zina (unlawful sexual intercourse).

Not all shariah punishments should be public, says Amanah rep

Seri Serdang assemblyman Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud says 'tazir' punishments, meted out at the discretion of shariah judges should suit the times.

What PAS’ ‘Muslims-only’ call shows

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang once acknowledged the advantages of a multi-cultural and multiracial society, but PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan appears to have missed that lesson.

Disown Nasrudin’s extremist politics of race and religion, urges Gooi

The PKR Supreme Council member says the PAS man’s statement was a blatant and gross abuse of the freedom of expression.

Shariah laws only affect Muslims, says NGO

Centhra chief executive says shariah laws such as RUU355 have nothing to do with non-Muslims.

Housewife who wanted to ram car into voters arrested, says top...

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun says the woman had planned to ram her car into non-Muslim voters at a polling station on May 9.

Where the biggest battle lies this GE

Indications are that an increasing number of urban Malays are showing support for PH while most rural Malays are backing BN.

Vote PAS as it is fair to non-Muslims, says supporters club...

N Balasubramaniam, who is representing PAS in the Bentong parliamentary seat, says PAS leaders are not fanatics and calls on Indians not to believe those who claim otherwise.

US body calls for asset freeze of Malaysian officials who violate...

The US Commission on International Freedom of Religions says Malaysia is a 'country of particular concern' and has used religion as a political tool.

Christians not second-class citizens, Vatican tells Saudis

In a first for a senior official from the Vatican, a cardinal visited Saudi Arabia last week and signed a cooperation accord with Saudi authorities.

DAP rep slams non-Muslim body over its silence on apostasy

Sarawak state assemplyperson questions Unifor for lack of assurance, action in wake of recent trouble, threats following ruling on apostasy case.