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Tag: noodles

Delicious curry noodles in a sleepy Perak kampung

Hungry folks in Gopeng can head over to Mee Kari Ami for a satisfying and tasty meal.

Chow Mein: Quick, easy and oh, so tasty

Follow this easy recipe using chicken and shrimp for the best tasting noodles ever.

Pad Thai noodles: Sweet, savoury and spicy

An easy recipe, this delicious meal takes only 15 minutes to make and serve.

A long but worthwhile wait for Pudu fish noodles

Drop by Little Eat Stall in Pudu for a delicious and hearty bowl of noodles served with fresh fish.

What’s cookin’: Maggi Curry XL is instant goodness in a bowl

Bring out the cookware because you're about to cook-up quite a storm in the kitchen.

Macau: Tiniest shop ever serves up a good bowl of porridge

The thick, creamy and flavourful congee is the perfect complement to the fish or pig innards that is it served with.

Freshest fish ever from Mdm Ing’s in Kota Kinabalu

Only a 15-minute car ride from town, this humble restaurant is a must-visit as it offers a variety of fish to go with your noodles.

Mee Goreng at Tanjung Bugah: Traditional yet unusual

A plate of Mee Goreng here comes with the usual fritters, squid, potato, eggs, bean sprouts and greens but is taken off the wok while still 'wet'.

Sang Har Mee: Even more delicious when homemade

This recipe has a tasty sauce that wets the noodles but doesn’t completely drench it.

Fish Head Noodles: A surprising find along Jalan Pasar

Operated by three foreigners, most likely from Myanmar, the fish head noodles are simple yet spot on in terms of taste and preparation.

B & Best makes waves with their seafood noodle selections

Specialising in seafood noodles, a customer has plenty to choose from - prawns, Red Snapper, Grouper and fish balls, as well as noodles prepared either dry, soup, or spiced-up.

It’s Pong Kee for seriously satisfying seafood noodles

The soup base for the kuey teow with Tiger Garupa and oysters is subtle in flavour, while portions served are pretty decent.

When in Taiping, a bowl of Mee Udang Mak Jah is...

A flourishing roadside stall, both locals and tourists alike swear by the richness of the Mee Udang's broth and the freshness of its prawns.

Best Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee this side of KL city

While a standard bowl goes for RM6, if you're in the mood for the deluxe version, ask for extra prawns - it costs only RM3 more.

It’s Johnny’s for the ultimate in Prawn Mee and Loh Mee

If you're on the lookout for hawker food that lives up to their Penang versions, look no further than Johnny's at Taman Subang Murni.

Street joints and empires in noodle-crazed Hong Kong

The best-selling dishes come with wonton -- shrimp and pork dumplings -- or tossed liberally with dried shrimp roe, harking back to Hong Kong's origins as a fishing village.

Families to sue over glass shards

Families of pupils who fell sick after noodle meal reckon legal action will serve as a lesson for all school canteen operators.

Firm suspended after glass found in noodles

Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan says the ministry is waiting for a full report from the school and hospital before deciding on sterner action.