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Tag: North Korea

S.Korean president calls for new Trump-Kim meeting

A second summit in Hanoi in February was broadly viewed as a failure.

Sister of N. Korean leader pays respects to Lee He-ho

Kim Yo-jong gives her condolences, and flowers, on her brother's behalf at a meeting with South Korean officials in the demilitarised zone.

N.Korea may be cutting back on public executions

The study says mounting pressure from the international community has forced North Korea to scale back public executions.

Jong Nam was a CIA agent, says report

Murdered half-brother of North Korean dictator travelled to Malaysia in February 2017 to meet his CIA contact.

N. Korea Kim’s younger sister re-emerges after 52-day absence

The report comes after rumours that Kim Jong-un carried out a massive punishment of officials responsible for the breakdown of the Trump summit.

Supposedly executed former N. Korean nuclear envoy is alive

There has been a series of conflicting reports over the past five days about shakeups in North Korea's team.

Pentagon chief: US-South Korea military exercises not ‘necessary’

The resumption of major US-South Korea joint military exercises is not "necessary" despite stalled negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang, says Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan.

North Korea ‘executed’ officials after failed Trump summit

Some previous South Korean reports of North Korean purges and executions have later proved inaccurate.

North Korea accuses US of ‘evil ambition’

North Korea accuses the United States of showing bad faith in negotiations by conducting nuclear and missile tests and military drills as part of an "evil ambition" to conquer North Korea by force.

US says all North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction violate UN...

The US State Department says North Korea’s entire weapons of mass destruction program violates UN Security Council resolutions.

UN report: North Koreans paying bribes to survive

North Koreans are bribing officials to survive in their isolated country where corruption is “endemic” and repression rife, the UN human rights office said.

N.Korea says Bolton’s missile comments ‘more than ignorant’

North Korea has never recognised the legality of the resolutions barring its development and testing of ballistic missiles.

Trump strikes dovish tone on N. Korea, Iran

'I personally think that lots of good things will come with North Korea, I feel that. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I feel that,' Trump says.

N.Korea slams Joe Biden for criticising leader Kim

The criticism contrasts with North Korea's repeated references to the good relationship between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

N.Korean women tell of slavery and gang rape in Chinese cybersex...

Pregnant women sent back to North Korea are forced to undergo abortions without anesthetic.

N. Korea demands UN action over ship seizure by ‘gangster’ US

North Korea wants its M/V Wise Honest ship back from the United States calling the United Nations to help in getting back their cargo ship.

Extreme drought seen in N.Korea

From January to early May this year, North Korea only received 54.4 millimetres of rain or snow, the smallest amount since the same period in 1982.

Trump says N.Korea’s recent missile launches not breach of trust

The missile launches on Thursday consisted of multiple ballistic missiles that flew in excess of 300 km and landed in the ocean.

US seizes N.Korea freighter accused of violating sanctions

The US Justice Department said it took possession of the North Korea-registered bulk carrier M/V Wise Honest one year after it was detained in Indonesia.

N.Korea rejects prison camps claims in rare rights council review

North Korea was appearing at its Universal Periodic Review, a session during which nations face human rights scrutiny every five years.

US tells N.Korea to free political prisoners

UN rights investigators estimate between 80,000 to 120,000 people are in political detention camps in North Korea.

N.Korea says recent rocket drill was ‘regular and self-defensive’

Saturday's drill was the first test of a ballistic missile by North Korea since it launched a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile in November 2017.

US ‘gravely concerned’ on N.Korea human rights

The US State Department estimates about 100,000 North Koreans are in political prison camps.

Trump discusses N.Korea with Japan’s Abe after tests

North Korea carried out weapons tests last Saturday, but it is unclear what type of missiles they fired.