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Dewan passes bill providing 5 days notice for assembly

Police can impose fines of not more than RM5,000 on those who break the law.

Ex-opposition youth leaders drop suit over IPIC

Their lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says this is because the issue is now academic.

Sungai Kandis: Selangor assembly may notify EC on July 3

The seat is vacant following the death of Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei today.

Court stops Hindu Sangam from holding AGM

Prohibition order obtained by 7 will remain until High Court decides on declaration sought by the plaintiffs, says lawyer Arun Kasi.

7 get order to stop Malaysia Hindu Sangam AGM

Their lawyer says they resorted to legal action after MHS rejected numerous nomination forms on June 17.

Clarify status of voters living overseas, Bersih urges EC

Chairman Maria Chin says Bersih members are anxious to know whether they need to re-register themselves to be postal or advance voters.

‘Problem of unequal voting areas not rectified in EC’s new notice’

The Election Commission, in its second redelineation notice, has retained most federal and state boundaries as in 2013.

Nur Jazlan: US security notice on nightclub puts us in bad...

Deputy home minister says the US embassy should have informed police of alleged drink-spiking incidents at nightclub in KL.

Zambry slams error-ridden notice at Perak tourism centre

The menteri besar says those responsible for public announcements should avoid using direct translations.

Mahathir’s lawyers send notice to stop circulation of RCI report

Any further printing of report should cease until notes of proceedings and client's legal papers are included, says Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla

Not right for university to issue gag order, says ex-UM VC

Ghauth Jasmon says it is wrong to stop academics from voicing their opinions.

Varsity gags staff, students from criticising govt

University staff and students were also reminded to refrain from making any statements to media without permission.

Forum organiser informed police twice about event, says lawyer

Saying organisers need only inform the police of meetings, Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla hopes police will wrap up their investigation fast and bring to book the mastermind behind the ruckus.

MACC’s notice to lawyers is valid, rules Federal Court

The law enforcement agency cannot carry out investigations if its work is subject to a challenge by way of judicial review, says Justice Abu Samah Nordin, in overturning an earlier court decision.

Government appeal against Maria Chin’s acquittal to be heard on Oct...

The Federal Court will first determine if the Bersih chairman's case originated in the High Court or Sessions Court, to ascertain if it falls within its jurisdiction.

TNB: ‘Feedback on locked houses’ notice not fake

The notice is issued by the Kuala Lumpur TNB metering unit as part of a normal procedure when employees are unable to access consumers' premises, says TNB.

Verdict on redelineation exercise to be announced tomorrow

The Election Commission's ongoing redelineation exercise will be suspended if the Court of Appeal rules tomorrow that voters are entitled to all information pertaining to the exercise.

PAS sends Sarawak Report notice over RM90 million ‘bribe’

Party takes first step in initiating law suit by giving its editor seven days to respond, says Takiyuddin Hassan.

Nik Nazmi to face trial for organising rally without notice

This follows his decision to withdraw his notice to stay proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

Maria has to deal with earlier charge before next rally

Prosecution files appeal to reverse decision that failure to give police a 10-day notice is not an offence.

Viral TNB notice is not fake

Utility company urges social media users to stop spreading wrong information that the notice was a new way for robbers to enter homes.