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No proof to support coordinated cover-up by cops, oversight body tells...

Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission chairman A Aziz A Rahim explains why they did not pursue an investigation into alleged police misconduct at Wang Kelian.

Problem with e-voting system: Kuala Selangor PKR polls postponed

Internet connection fails to support electronic voting system.

Publisher to pay Guan Eng RM130,000 over undersea tunnel report

In a consent judgment, NSTP agrees to pay damages and publish an apology to the former chief minister.

Time running out for Utusan, weeks away, staff warned

The management in a recent meeting said funds could run out as early as after the Hari Raya celebrations next month.

Utusan kesuntukan masa, kakitangan diberi peringatan

Pihak pengurusan dalam satu mesyuarat baru-baru ini berkata syarikat mungkin kehabisan dana seawal selepas Hari Raya bulan depan.

Can pro-BN media really change?

Ex-editor Kadir Jasin says the editors need to be strongly willing to practise professional journalism.

Are NST, Utusan exempt from fake news law, asks Guan Eng

NST flayed for report quoting Umno man saying that Lim Kit Siang is Pakatan's choice because of 'trust issues' with Mahathir

Hiccup in Guan Eng’s defamation appeal as no written judgment yet

A fourth letter has been sent today to the secretaries of three Court of Appeal judges to expedite written grounds, says lawyer Americk Sidhu.

Kim: North Korea could send delegation to South for Winter Olympics

The North Korean leader says the Olympics would serve as 'a good chance' to display the Korean people's grace toward the world.

Suhakam says cops, KDN of no help in Wang Kelian mass...

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia says it has faced difficulties in obtaining information from enforcement agencies in its own probe into the mass graves.

Charge police officers involved in Wang Kelian cover-up

Klang MP calls for the immediate formation of an independent commission to investigate the cover-up at the trafficking camp.

LFL seru RCI siasat kubur beramai-ramai susulan laporan bukti dimusnahkan

Kumpulan hak asasi manusia berkata mereka tidak terkejut, dan ia mengesahkan kecurigaan gerakan masyarakat sivil.

LFL calls for RCI on mass graves after NST report of...

But the rights group says it is not surprised by the report which only confirms suspicions among civil society groups.

Massive cover-ups in 2015 Perlis mass graves find, says NST

But the daily, invoking journalistic ethics, hints there are shocking details given by the former IGP that it could not publish.

NSTP pays RM450,000 to Guan Eng, Ramasamy in defamation suit

This comes after NSTP drops appeal of 2013 defamation case in Federal Court.

Reporter injured when patrol car in hot pursuit rams m-cycle

The reporter was exiting the motorcycle track when the accident happened along New Pantai Expressway.

The Third Force ialah blog propaganda, kata Rewcastle-Brown

Editor Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle-Brown membidas akhbar New Straits Times atas penerbitan semula catatan blog daripada sumber tidak boleh dipercayai, seolah-olah ia betul.

The Third Force is a propaganda blog, says Rewcastle-Brown

Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown slams New Straits Times for republishing posts from non-credible source as if it is accurate.

Credibility of former Bank Negara senior official questioned at RCI

Lawyers for Mahathir and Anwar want Abdul Murad Khalid and another witness to be recalled so that they can be questioned over claims they had made.

Tutup: Kilang kertas milik kumpulan NSTP

Penutupan itu disebabkan penurunan permintaan kertas untuk akhbar tempatan.

Guan Eng to sue over report that he made ‘veiled threat’

His office says defamatory action will be taken against ‘BN media’ and the deputy director of the BN’s strategic communications arm.

Guan Eng: Journalists must uphold truth, debunk ‘fake news’

DAP secretary-general reminisces when newspapers had better standards and would not cross the line regardless of political alliances.

Veteran journalist Rehman Rashid suffers heart attack

He has been admitted to the Selayang Hospital.

Anwar, peguam dan NST capai penyelesaian di mahkamah

Peguam memohon maaf terhadap Anwar Ibrahim dan isteri mendiang Karpal Singh; NST terbit permohonan maaf