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Tycoon Syed Mokhtar gains control of Utusan’s KDN permits

Newspaper company sells 70% stake in its permit-holder to a company believed to be controlled by Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and which owns a stake in Media Prima.

Meaningless for Umno to own Media Prima now, says Najib

This comes amid reports that some RM74 million of Umno shares in the company have been sold to tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

Reporter says ex-IGP wanted Thais to announce discovery of graves first

She said Khalid confirmed off-record that police had indeed discovered the Wang Burma camp and graves in January 2015 and not in May 2015.

Guan Eng wins suit against NSTP, Utusan over ‘Singapore spy’ claim

The two media groups agree to pay the damages totalling RM400,000.

Mustapha Kamil appointed as NSTP’s interim CEO

This follows retirement of NSTP CEO Abdul Jalil Hamid.

NSTP to apologise to Guan Eng over fatwa article

Court also directs the company to pay the DAP secretary-general RM200,000.

Judge recuses herself from hearing Synergy’s suit against NSTP

She says she doesn't want to hear the case as she knows SPSB managing director Marina Hashim and had attended several functions together.

Publisher to pay Guan Eng RM130,000 over undersea tunnel report

In a consent judgment, NSTP agrees to pay damages and publish an apology to the former chief minister.

Utusan facing risk of delisting

The media company needs to come up with a plan within the next 12 months.

NSTP pays RM450,000 to Guan Eng, Ramasamy in defamation suit

This comes after NSTP drops appeal of 2013 defamation case in Federal Court.

Court reduces damages to RM150,000 for Guan Eng in libel suit

The RM300,000 damages awarded by the High Court to the Penang chief minister is excessive, say judges.

Loji percetakan NSTP dijual RM25 juta

Ia salah satu daripada 2 loji percetakan yang sebelum ini dilaporkan ditutup tahun lalu susulan jualan akhbar syarikat itu berkurangan.

NSTP printing plant selling for RM25 million

It is one of two plants reported to have shut down last year amid dwindling sales.

Court: No need for NSTP to reveal information to lawyer

Court of Appeal does not find merit in Americk Sidhu's appeal and orders him to pay RM10,000 in costs to the Umno-linked publisher, but his defamation suit against NSTP will proceed.

Jalil replaces Azlan as CEO of NSTP

Media Prima, in a filing to Bursa Malaysia today, said the current CEO, Mohammad Azlan Abdullah, is resigning effective Feb 28.

Guan Eng menang RM300,000 saman Berita Harian

Mahkamah memutuskan laporan akhbar itu mengenai penghakiman persetujuan antara Lim Guan Eng dan bekas ketua Pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang Shaik Hussein Mydin, tidak tepat.

Guan Eng akan rayu penolakan saman fitnah

Beliau berharap Mahkamah Persekutuan akan memberi kebenaran agar kes beliau, yang hampir sama dengan menteri besar Pahang didengar bersama.

Journalists hit hard as news industry shrinks

A weakened economy means many media outlets are not hiring, leaving many who have been retrenched in a quandary.

Penang rep’s defamation suit struck out

Court rules that newspaper had merely reported story based on court documents and this is not defamatory to Batu Uban Assemblyman Dr T Jayabalan.

PPBM man files defamation suit against NST

A Parti Pribumi Besatu Malaysia party man claims two articles by NST were edited and published with malicious intent.

NSTP tutup 2 kilang, kata bekas pengarang

Pekerja diberi pilihan pindah ke kilang sedia ada atau berhenti, menurut catatan Mustapha.

Tak sempat cetak, alasan NST tidak siar berita AS sita aset...

NSTP berkata berita itu diterima lewat malam semalam dan oleh itu tidak dapat diterbitkan kerana akhbar sudah mula dicetak.

BH newsman dies after road accident

Mohd Hamizar dies after being taken to hospital, police investigating cause of accident