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Tag: Nuclear

Kim Jong Un’s horseback ride fuels talk of ‘Korean revolution’

North Korean leader’s climb up symbolic Mount Paektu hailed as prelude to new policy direction.

Nuclear weapons forbidden in Islam, says Iran’s Khamenei

Country's supreme leader stresses its focus is on energy production and medical usage only.

US-N.Korea talks end in contrasting assessments

North Korea says the US has disappointed and dampened enthusiasm for negotiations.

Fukushima’s million-tonne radioactive headache

Plant operator Tepco has been struggling with the problem for years.

N. Korean projectile launch ruffles Japanese, S. Korean feathers

One fired this morning fell into waters within Japan's exclusive economic zone.

China bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea, says Japan

Japan is ramping up its defence spending to counter China's modernising military.

Trump bars Iran officials and families from US

Proclamation on White House website repeats accusations Iran sponsors terrorism.

Trump addresses UN in shadow of Iran crisis, domestic scandal

Trump may meet Iran's Hassan Rouhani at the UN Summit.

Trump says ‘many options’ on Iran response

Donald Trump has resisted calls from some in his Republican party for a more aggressive response.

Russia’s first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives to its base

Rosatom says it aims to make the floating station operational by the year-end.

Trump says Iranian leadership ‘wants to meet’

Despite Donald Trump’s willingness to meet, the Iranians have not given a positive response.

Iran moving towards enriching uranium with advanced centrifuges

Inspectors have verified that smaller numbers of various advanced centrifuges had been or were being installed.

Pompeo says Iran nuclear commitment cuts ‘unacceptable’

Mike Pompeo condemns Iran’s commitment to research and development of their nuclear weapon systems.

Netanyahu opposes Iran talks after Trump moots meeting Rouhani

The Israeli prime minister says it is time to increase pressure on Iran.

Russia, Iran blame US for regional tensions

Russia accuses Washington of seeking to ‘provoke’ Tehran after the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal last year.

Iran’s Rouhani warns Macron of looming nuclear step

Iran says it will move forward with plans to further reduce its JCPOA commitments if sanctions slapped on the country are not lifted.

Japan’s foreign minister urges Iran to abide by nuclear deal

Japan and Iran agree to maintain close communications to ease tensions between the US and the middle eastern nation.

Trump denies report he wanted to nuke hurricanes

Donald Trump denied saying he wanted to nuke hurricanes, calling the Axios reports fake news.

Trump suggested nuking hurricanes, says report

News site Axios has reported that Trump had also asked a senior official previously whether the administration should bomb hurricanes to prevent them making landfall.

Iran is prepared to work on French nuclear deal proposals, says...

Macron offers to soften sanctions on Iran or provide 'a compensation mechanism to enable the Iranian people to live better' in return for full compliance with the pact.

North Korea has miniaturised nuclear warheads, says report

This time around a report claims North Korea has already achieved the miniaturisation of warheads prompting serious threats.

Trump says N.Korea’s Kim wants to resume nuclear talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued 'a small apology' for a recent spate of missile tests, according to US President Donald Trump.

5 killed in Russian test site accident, says nuclear agency

The accident occurred during the engineering and technical support of isotope power sources on a liquid propulsion system, says Russia's state nuclear agency Rosatom.

Trump says N.Korea’s Kim sent ‘very beautiful letter’, new meeting possible

Trump and Kim have met three times since last year to discuss ways to resolve a crisis over North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.