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Tag: Nuclear

Iran is prepared to work on French nuclear deal proposals, says...

Macron offers to soften sanctions on Iran or provide 'a compensation mechanism to enable the Iranian people to live better' in return for full compliance with the pact.

North Korea has miniaturised nuclear warheads, says report

This time around a report claims North Korea has already achieved the miniaturisation of warheads prompting serious threats.

Trump says N.Korea’s Kim wants to resume nuclear talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued 'a small apology' for a recent spate of missile tests, according to US President Donald Trump.

5 killed in Russian test site accident, says nuclear agency

The accident occurred during the engineering and technical support of isotope power sources on a liquid propulsion system, says Russia's state nuclear agency Rosatom.

Trump says N.Korea’s Kim sent ‘very beautiful letter’, new meeting possible

Trump and Kim have met three times since last year to discuss ways to resolve a crisis over North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

Kim Jong Un touts North Korean submarine’s looming deployment

North Korea's new submarine would soon be deployed to waters between the peninsula and Japan, state media said, a move that comes as his regime tries to step up its ability to launch missiles from subs.

Iran says may ‘reverse’ nuclear programme to pre-deal status

Iran wants to give diplomacy a chance so the other parties to the deal can hold up their end of the bargain.

Iran hints it could enrich uranium to 5%

Iran will increase its uranium enrichment as much as needed for their peaceful activities.

Iran ‘playing with fire’ after nuclear deal limit breached, says Trump

US President Donald Trump warns that Iran is 'playing with fire' after Tehran announces it exceeded a limit on enriched uranium reserves under a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by Washington.

Moon denies US-N.Korea nuclear talks in ‘stalemate’

Moon says there is no reason to regard the current situation as a stalemate just because the pace has remained slow.

Iran’s nuclear standoff is about to enter a perilous new phase

'All I want is no nuclear weapons,” Trump says. 'Let me just tell you, they’re not going to have a nuclear weapon.'

China warns US against opening Mideast ‘Pandora’s box’

'China's determination to safeguard the comprehensive agreement has not changed,' says Wang.

Israel urges snapback sanctions on Iran if it breaches uranium limit

Israel is adamant to deny Iran to get nuclear weaponry, which the Iranians deny they are seeking.

Pentagon to brief White House on 5,000 troop option for Mideast

President Donald Trump dispatches an aircraft carrier and bombers to the Persian Gulf in response to unspecified threats from Iran.

Iran’s stocks of nuclear materials still within limits says IAEA

The agency says stocks of enriched uranium and heavy water did not exceed the ceilings set in the 2015 agreement.

North Korea ‘executed’ officials after failed Trump summit

Some previous South Korean reports of North Korean purges and executions have later proved inaccurate.

Trump strikes dovish tone on N. Korea, Iran

'I personally think that lots of good things will come with North Korea, I feel that. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I feel that,' Trump says.

Pakistan says wants peace with India but conducts missile test

'Shaheen II is a highly capable missile which fully meets Pakistan's strategic needs towards maintenance of deterrence stability in the region,' says the Pakistan military.

How UN scrutinises Iran’s nuclear programme

The UN's Vienna-based nuclear watchdog has had the delicate task of verifying the deal through regular inspections of Iranian facilities.

China says Iran nuclear pact must be upheld

'Maintaining and implementing the comprehensive agreement is the shared responsibility of all parties,' says Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.

Iran to suspend some nuclear deal commitments

Iran says deputy Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araghchi had handed the decision to the ambassadors of the five countries in a meeting on Wednesday.

N. Korea says Bolton comments on Third Summit as ‘foolish’

John Bolton said the US would require more evidence Pyongyang is ready to give up its nuclear weapons before Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un for a third time.

US approves secret nuclear power work for Saudi

Several countries including the US, South Korea and Russia are in competition for that deal, and the winners are expected to be announced later this year by Riyadh.

Now’s your chance to sit in the bowels of a submarine

The Pasopati in Surabaya and Ouessant in Melaka are now submarine museums that many will get a kick out of visiting.