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Sell-off imminent for Malaysia Airlines, says Najib after Morgan Stanley entry

The ex-prime minister says an investment bank is usually hired to sell assets while a union question's Khazanah’s decision, saying Morgan Stanley won't know the 'ins and outs' of the airline.

Bayar gaji kakitangan sebelum tutup syarikat penerbangan, kesatuan beritahu Mavcom

Pihak berkuasa harus bertindak bagi memastikan syarikat penerbangan membayar gaji kakitangan sebelum ia ditutup.

Settle salaries before shutting airlines down, union tells Mavcom

Nufam says in most cases, employers will get off scot-free, leaving employees in the lurch.

Tiada pemberhentian pekerja, bukan ambil alih penuh, kata bekas CEO MAB,...

Rabu lepas, Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, kerajaan bersedia melepaskan pegangan 'majoriti' dalam MAB berasaskan 2 syarat.

No full privatisation, job cuts for Malaysia Airlines, say ex-CEO and...

Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and flight attendants' union say the airline's best option would be a joint venture, with the government retaining control.

Save Malaysia Airlines by chopping ‘Little Napoleons’, says Nufam

Flight attendants union says AirAsia will sink fast if it takes over MAS, urges the government to do a total clean-up 'from the top first' in any rescue of the national airline.

Drop political appointees in Malaysia Airlines revival plan, union tells govt

The flight attendants' union proposes that aviation and technical experts and those with business acumen be named to the board of the national carrier.

Malaysia Airlines veterans call for shake-up after fall in world rankings

A former union adviser and an ex-CEO say Malaysia Airlines has lost its class.

Malaysia Airlines slammed for failing to make top 20 in international...

The National Union of Flight Attendants says Malaysia Airlines won many awards in the past but appears to have lost its touch.

Malaysia Airlines will continue to fly, assures Guan Eng

The finance minister says the airline’s workers should not be worried as it won’t be closed down, adding that closing down the airlines was only one of the options available to the government.

Nufam cari menteri, dakwa Malaysia Airlines larang pekerja berkesatuan

Badan mewakili kakitangan penerbangan berkata pekerja mahukan kesatuan untuk memulakan perbincangan dengan pihak pengurusan.

Previous Khazanah-appointed board members in Malaysia Airlines must go, Putrajaya told

Aviation workers' union Nufam says the sovereign wealth fund has only made things worse for the national airline.

Khazanah-led restructuring at Malaysia Airlines failed, says union

Nufam says top bosses are paid high salaries while staff have come under immense pressure following cost-cutting measures.

MAS hilang arah tujuan, kata bekas CEO

Abd Aziz bersetuju dengan Nufam bahawa kajian semula ke atas pengurusan MAS diperlukan, selain pelaburan kerajaan.

Malaysia Airlines has lost its purpose, says ex-boss

Abdul Aziz Rahman agrees with Nufam that a review of the airline's management is needed, as well as government investment.

Nufam urges govt to review Malaysia Airlines’ management

Nufam president Ismail Nasaruddin claims losses of RM15 billion have been recorded over the years.

Union wants new probe into layoffs of airline workers

Flight attendants’ union alleges airline companies were under the clout of protection by the previous government.

Nufam gesa buka semula kes Malaysia Airlines buang 6,000 pekerja

Nufam turut menggesa menteri sumber manusia mengkaji semula masalah dihadapi Rayani Air dan Eaglexpress yang menjejaskan pekerja syarikat penerbangan itu.

Nufam to seek probe on Boeing purchases

The flight attendants’ union will also ask the new government to set up an RCI on MH370.

Don’t make AirAsia crew political stooges, says Nufam

Union representing flight attendants criticises budget airline for last-minute change in uniform which it claims could have breached safety regulations.

Nufam: Airlines cannot deny staff right to vote

Flight attendants union urges its members and all airline workers to apply for leave or off day on May 9, saying airlines are not exempt from Election Offences Act.

Nufam: Beef up preventive security procedures for flights

Union president Ismail Nasaruddin says cabin crew are not trained like commandos and are inadequately equipped to deal with hostile situations during flights.

Passenger profiling already SOP, says ex-aviation security man

He says however that it is difficult to prevent those who get drunk onboard or passengers who are mentally or emotionally unstable from boarding the plane.

Naked Malindo passenger has mental illness, say Dhaka cops

Bangladesh police have handed over the 20-year-old man to his father who showed them proof of the mental illness.