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UK envoy said Trump ditched Iran deal to spite Obama

The information was included in a second batch of leaked reports published by UK's The Daily Mail.

Trump ramps up pressure on Cuba in Latin America offensive

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the decision on Twitter as "an attack against International Law and the sovereignty of #Cuba & third States."

Trump versus Obama on final US campaign weekend

With rallies taking place in Montana and Florida Trump is keeping up his relentless campaign schedule before Tuesday's ballot.

Obama brands Trump’s border deployment plan a ‘political stunt’

Obama urges more decisive action by Americans who have grown frustrated by the first 21 months of Trump's presidency.

Obama hits California campaign trail in search of house seats

The former president urged voters who’ve remained on the sidelines to grab some clip-boards and knock on doors to get out the vote.

Obama rebukes Trump as he enters midterm political fight

Obama delivered a sharp rebuke of his successor and decried what he said was the failure of Republicans to serve as a check.

Obama, Bush to eulogise former political foe McCain at cathedral service

Obama and Bush will be joined by a collection of former US presidents, senators, Vietnam-era officials and others paying tribute to McCain.

Trump attacks report his staff mulled denying briefings to Obama

Trump addresses 'fake news' of which alleged false reports stated he was denying intelligence briefings to former US President Obama.

China-backed trade pact could be signed by year-end

The 16-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is poised to become the largest free-trade agreement in the world, covering about half of its population, excluding the US.

Obama warns of ‘strange and uncertain times’ in Mandela tribute

Obama made no direct reference to his successor but warned that "politics of fear and resentment" were spreading, driven by leaders who scorned facts and told lies with an "utter loss of shame".

Obama speech to mark 100 years since Mandela’s birth

Obama has made relatively few public appearances since leaving the White House in 2017, but he has often credited Mandela for being one of the great inspirations in his life.

Trump questions why Obama did not act on claims of Russian...

Trump questions why Barack Obama's administration did not act on allegations of Russian meddling in the US 2016 presidential election.

Obama calls for end to the ‘cruelty’ of family separations

Obama's comments joined a firestorm of opposition to the Donald Trump administration's so-called "zero tolerance" policy begun in early May.

Barack and Michelle Obama sign Netflix production deal

They hope to cultivate and curate stories to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples around the world

Restoran Vietnam ‘awet’ meja, kerusi, perkakas makan Obama

Nguyen kesal kerana tidak sempat merakam gambar bersama Obama namun gembira kerana kehadiran pemimpin dunia itu mengubah nasib restorannya.

Obama on private holiday in Indonesia

The former US president and his family will reportedly be in Bali until June 28 before going to Yogyakarta and concluding their visit in Jakarta on July 2.

Trump revamps Obama-era Cuba deal, turns heat up on regime

Trump's new measures mainly relate to stricter enforcement of existing laws that had begun to loosen as Obama sought a rapprochement.

Trump govt cancels Obama policy for illegal immigrant families

John Kelly did not say whether the government has plans to replace DAPA with another measure that would allow families living in the country for decades to remain together without the threat of deportation.

Trump claims Obama wiretapped him during campaign; Obama refutes it

The US President however offers no evidence to support the allegation.

Obama hopes for quiet after White House but will defend ‘core...

He would not hesitate to speak out on new obstacles to voting, institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press and any push to deport undocumented people who were brought to America as children.

Australia says TPP not dead, despite Trump opposition

We need to give the Americans time to work through this issue, says its trade minister Steven Ciobo.

Obama surprises Vice President Biden with Medal of Freedom

Joe Biden is visibly moved when Obama said he would bestow on him the highest civil honor in the United States.

Obama administration ends special immigration policy for Cubans

The end of the 'wet foot, dry foot' policy, which allowed any Cuban who reached US soil to stay but returned any picked up at sea, is effective immediately.

Salleh: ‘Delusional’ to think Obama was referring to 1MDB

Minister says US president made a general reference to US policy in his speech, stating clearly that they could not interfere in another country's internal matters.