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Tag: Obesity

Overweight people more likely to have overweight dogs

Apart from treats, castration also leads to obesity in dogs.

On diet? 5 favourite Malaysian food to avoid and how to...

Despite Malaysian food having a reputation of being fattening and unhealthy, it is possible to stay healthy with the right food choices.

Could a new hormone injection help tackle obesity?

A combination of three hormones has been found to provide some of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery, without the surgery.

Offering children a large variety of snack food incites them to...

Researchers observe the eating behaviours of children and their parents in an effort to determine the driving forces behind snacking.

Bubble tea, a sweet but deadly brew?

Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes and obesity in Asia, and its love for bubble tea is not helping.

Obesity is climbing the fastest in Vietnam in Southeast Asia

Improving economic standards in the region has brought about lifestyle changes, which in turn have led to a shift to more unhealthy diets, a report says.

Good start but long way to go, experts say ahead of...

Think tank says it is hard to change eating habits with just a tax on sweetened drinks while an entrepreneur says manufacturers need to start giving health priority.

Light exposure during sleep linked to weight gain in women

One of the key findings was that women who slept with a television or a light on in the room were 17% more likely to have gained 5kgs or more during the study period.

Exercise programme for civil servants great but add diet advice too,...

Two fitness experts and a dietitian say a balanced and nutritious low-calorie diet should complement the exercise sessions to curb obesity among government officers.

Worldwide, obesity rising faster in rural areas

Obesity has emerged as a global health epidemic, driving rising rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a host of cancers.

Break the poverty cycle with better food

Three ways that Malaysia can end the paradox of having children who are stunted and adults who are overweight.

Smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity linked to brain shrinkage

Researchers found various vascular risks factors are linked to greater brain shrinkage, less grey matter and less healthy white matter.

Is my weight causing me joint pains?

Studies show that inflammation rather than physical exertion is the vital cause of accelerated arthritis in those carrying excess body weight.

Being unfit and obese as a teenager may increase disability risk...

Being moderately or highly fit appeared to lower the risk of receiving a disability pension regardless of BMI.

Obesity-linked cancers on the rise in young adults

Today, some two billion people are overweight or obese in rich nations and, more recently, the developing world.

‘Radical rethink’ needed to tackle obesity, hunger, climate

To defeat the intertwined pandemics of obesity, hunger and climate change, governments must curb the political influence of major corporations, said a major report Monday calling for a 'global treaty' similar to one for tobacco control.

Rewarding children’s behaviour with screen time can lead to more screen...

New Canadian research has found that parents who reward their children with screen time for good behaviour could be encouraging children to spend more time in front of a screen, especially on weekends.

New tax won’t keep sugar lovers from their fix, government told

Consumers say sugary drinks have become a lifestyle choice, and that even a tax on sweetened beverages will not deter some from indulging in them.

Americans have grown fatter, shorter since 1999

There is no specific reasons for the trends, which come as no surprise as the nation battles with an ongoing obesity epidemic.

Drop ‘so what’ attitude and reduce weight, Malaysians urged

Deputy Health Minister Lee Boon Chye says obesity is more than just ‘looking overweight’ as it affects a person’s health and longevity.

World report: Malaysia facing ‘triple burden’ in tackling malnutrition

It has to tackle 'significant' cases of obesity, anaemia and stunting.

A quarter of asthma cases in children with obesity could be...

Researchers found that children who were obese had a 30% increased risk of developing asthma.

Why hypertension is on the increase in young adults

Genetics, obesity and a heavier reliance on sodium-rich processed foods has resulted in an increasing number of young adults being diagnosed with hypertension.

Unicef expert tells why school food programme may fail to address...

Malnutrition and obesity cut across all economic groups, says Siti Altaf Deviyati.