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Does the Belt Road Initiative lead to a just and equitable...

Apart from economic and cultural benefits, the initiative is the best hope we have for evolving a planet that is not dominated by a few.

One Belt, One Road initiative not China’s plan to dominate, says...

Prime minister says he now has a clearer perspective of the development plan and supported it as it will benefit the country.

Malaysia sokong penuh inisiatif ‘1 Belt, 1 Road’ China, kata Dr...

Dr Mahathir tiba di Beijing 3 hari lepas untuk lawatan kerja 5 hari ke China.

Cambodia not Chinese ‘colony’, says premier

Beijing's communist rulers have lavished the poor but strategically useful kingdom with aid and loans.

China to get tough in talks with Putrajaya?

Ex-envoy Dennis Ignatius says Beijing is sending signals that it will back Chinese firms wanting to protect their interests.

UBS: Malaysia’s real GDP to grow 5.5% in 2018

Economist says one off cash handouts ahead of GE14, flagship rail projects such as the ECRL and strong investment flow into Malaysia will contribute substantially to upbeat growth forecast.

China’s Silk Road revival hits the buffers

Gains for China, such as access to key markets and tackling overcapacity in domestic industries, are often more obvious than those for their partners.

Will China’s belt and road torch burn Malaysia?

It is important for Putrajaya to manage the Belt and Road Initiative properly so that Malaysia gets the benefits without getting burnt, says academic.

Labuan IBFC to attract more investments from China

The Labuan International Business and Financial Centre will be taking part in the One Belt One Road roadshow in Beijing.

Will the Thai govt build Kra Canal?

With China's One Belt One Road initiatives gaining acceptance among the regional economies, there seems to be a new and coordinated drive among Kra Canal proponents for the project's speedy realisation.

‘Watch Chinese investments closely, but don’t stop them’

Asean Business Club president Munir Majid calls for less negativity as in the past many had slammed Japanese investments too but it helped industrialise Malaysia.

Southeast Asia gets a lift from China, and later, the bill

Growing dependence underscores China's dominance in the region.

Melaka Gateway raises heritage concerns for Portuguese Settlement

However, settlement's headman, Richard Hendricks, says project will benefit the state and create opportunities for its people.

Malaysia akan kerjasama dengan China untuk pertingkat pelabuhan

Menteri pengangkutan berkata kerjasama ini membuka laluan untuk masa depan baik dalam memanfaatkan sumber dan potensi rakyat

Hard-pedalling soft power, China helps launch US$13 billion ECRL project

For China, the project is another expansion of its soft power in Malaysia, and is critical for China's geopolitical and strategic interests.

Report: Universities a way to promote China’s ‘soft power’

Academic says the presence of Chinese universities such as Xiamen University Malaysia should not trigger the same concerns as China's development projects here.

Southeast Asia finds China love as Xi pushes One Belt, One...

Armed with trillions of dollars of savings, China is rapidly accumulating foreign assets as it transforms into a global power.

Putrajaya ignorant of Beijing’s motive, says MP

Wong Chen links China's apparent loss of interest in Bandar Malaysia to removal of TPPA threat.

China’s Xi suggests Malaysia has ‘preferred’ status

Following meeting with Prime Minister Najib Razak, Chinese President Xi Jianping praises Malaysia for early support of One Belt, One Road initiative.

What is the fate of China’s ambitious projects in Malaysia?

Veteran economist says only projects which suit China's geo-political needs will be prioritised, while PKR MP predicts tough times for Tun Razak Exchange project.

China-Malaysia business matching centre coming to Penang

Centre will assist interested local businesses which want to work on China's One Belt One Road (Obor) projects.

Dispelling fears of China’s capital flight control measures

Economist says China won't stand in the way of projects under the One Belt One Road initiative.