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Tag: oil revenue

Broaden tax base, boost indirect tax revenue, economist tells govt

Hoo Ke Ping also warns of a 'forward indication of recession' in the low global demand for commodities, including palm oil.

Petronas posts RM55.3 billion profit after tax for 2018

The national oil firm records an increase of RM10 billion from the previous year.

6 people fall into poverty in Nigeria every minute

The number of destitute in Nigeria is believed to be growing by 6 people every minute, according to a paper from The Brookings Institution.

Umno Youth refutes Guan Eng over reliance on oil revenue

Umno Youth vice-chief Shahril Hamdan says the finance ministry cannot exclude the one-off special dividend from Petronas and claim a reduced reliance on oil revenue.

Country’s credit rating could be next, warns Najib

The former prime minister says this was why the previous administration had worked hard to reduce the country’s dependency on oil revenue.

Mahathir a liability for Sabah PH, says SAPP

SAPP’s Richard Yong says Sabahans suffered from poor infrastructure and drain of revenue from resources when Mahathir was prime minister.

Shafie: Sabahans deserve full disclosure on MA63

Warisan president says Sabahans can't rest until they know whether there's been any breach of the Malaysia Agreement.

Don’t be vassal state, don’t overtax private sector, Sabah govt told

Former state minister says Sabah private sector is suffering under heavy sales taxes, and calls on the Sabah government to get its revenue from oil and other sources agreed upon during the formation of Malaysia.

Drop in oil revenue has minimal impact on government finances, says...

Minister is confident of bringing the budget deficit to 3.5 per cent by year-end and 3 per cent by next year.

Archived: Sabah’s opposition divided over oil

The oil royalty issue took centre stage during Chinese New Year, with Anwar pledging 20 percent if Pakatan comes to power, Jeffrey demanding 50 percent while there also those pushing for 70 percent.