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Should I put mum in a home?

Here’s some help on deciding whether your elderly loved one needs to be in a nursing home or should receive care at home instead.

Ageing Japan: Unclaimed burial urns pile up in Japan amid fraying...

With Japanese wages barely growing, and many children of the elderly living on pensions themselves, managing death costs, including arranging for their burial, can be a burden.

Quarrelling with ex-PM kept my brain active, Dr M quips

He says for those who do not actively use their muscles or brain power, it will hasten the ageing process.

Cops rescue blind woman ‘abused’ by nephew and niece

She claims she was forced to stay in the back portion of the house whenever they went to work and was given little food to eat.

Kelantan Umno leaders reject Ku Li as president

A source says despite the decision not to back Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, delegates are free to vote based on their preferences.

Too old? Kit Siang dares Koh Tsu Koon to zip line...

DAP parliamentary leader tells former Penang chief minister that age is not a barrier in politics or rope courses.

After many attempts, woman finally gets citizenship at age 70

Pachaiamah Kolade, in thanking the government, says her only regret is that her husband and two of her sons have died and are not around to share her joy.

PPBM: Age no barrier for sharp and fit Mahathir

PPBM’s Kamarudin Mohd Noor says 92-year-old former PM is able to travel around country and has vast experience which he can use for benefit of people.

US paper says Mahathir’s entry in polls brings back the ‘age-old’...

US daily says the question may not be whether former PM has changed too much, but whether he has changed enough.

What is Pakistani doing as guard at age 69, asks security...

He says there have been many cases of those aged well above 60 being hired as security guards, some armed with guns.

MP, consumer group concerned over plans to limit vehicle lifespan

Wong Chen says it is better to promote public transport while CAP says forcing motorists to replace old cars will add to household debt.

Use rooftop of flats as gathering place for residents, urges don

The architect says the place can be used for gardening, for children to play and adults to chat.

Nufam: Behaviour of DPM’s daughter reflects her upbringing

National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia says Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid's comment on “old stewardesses” shows her father is not a “people’s person”.