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Shock draw with Qatar fills India with pride

A draw against Asian champions Qatar in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round sets India with pride.

Top Oman diplomat meets Assad in rare Syria visit

Oman is one of the few Arab states to have maintained ties with Syria over the past eight years.

Oman bakal buka kedutaan di Palestin

Langkah Oman itu mewakili sokongan politik dan moral, selain menyokong perjuangan rakyat Palestin mendapatkan hak mereka.

Stadium issues could hamper Oman’s World Cup hopes

Qatar was awarded the rights to host a 32-team World Cup in December 2010.

Tokyo prosecutors readying new case against Ghosn over Oman payments

Tokyo prosecutors are in discussions with the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office and others and plan to make a decision soon on whether to prosecute Ghosn  on further charges of aggravated breach of trust,

Renault said to flag Ghosn’s Oman payments to authorities

Renault claims Carlos Ghosn may have used money to pay a distributor in Oman to settle personal loans.

The past and present of Muscat

A city rich with history, Muscat has changed a lot since the 80s but have kept their traditions alive along the way.

Flashback: Ibri, Oman in 1979

The 'Thrifty Traveller' recalls the time he was a 'leave relief officer' at the British Bank of the Middle East and was sent to Ibri on assignment.

Qatar Asian Cup victory to ‘deepen’ Gulf tensions

Strained Qatar-UAE ties may worsen due to Qatari Asian Cup victory.

From Russia with love: Ronaldo penalty fear keeps Iran alive

Iran, Asia's top-ranked side, have failed to win Asian football's most coveted prize since 1976.

Cristiano flashback as Iran book Asian Cup quarter-final spot

Iran are looking to end a 43-year-old Asian Cup title drought.

Petronas ambil alih 10% kepentingan medan gas di Oman

Penyelesaian transaksi dirasmikan di Muscat, Oman selepas syarat transaksi dipenuhi.

A glimpse into Oman’s fascinating cultural heritage

While still an extremely conservative country, Oman is proud of its cultural heritage as the exhibits in its many museums bear testimony to.

Petronas buys 10% stake in Oman’s Al Khazzan field

The Petronas unit, PC Oman Ventures Ltd, would acquire the stake in Block 61 of the field.

DJ Avicii killed himself with glass, report says

Dance music superstar Avicii committed suicide by slashing himself with a shard of glass, the celebrity gossip site TMZ reported Tuesday.

Swedish DJ Avicii ‘could not go on any longer,’ family says

Church bells played one of Avicii's biggest hits in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Tuesday.

Dance music superstar Avicii dead at 28

While the death came as a shock, Avicii has spoken publicly in recent years about his health problems including pancreatitis, triggered in part by excessive drinking.

Oman minister in rare visit by Arab official to Jerusalem holy...

Yusuf bin Alawi's visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque comes in the wake of US' controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December.

As opposition fights GST, economies across Asia bank on tax

Pro-GST moves in Asia are in line with OECD prescriptions as consumption taxes are stronger in dealing with tax avoidance, the South China Morning Post reports.

Data leak: IP addresses traced to 2 more countries

Cops traced the internet protocol addresses to The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

‘The only hope is to die’: Ugandan migrants abused in the...

Shahira is one of a growing number of Ugandans returning home from Oman with tales of abuse.

Larangan Oman kerana isu pentadbiran, kata USIM

Universiti menjelaskan larangan bukan kerana kualiti program akademik.

Larangan pengajian mungkin salah komunikasi, kata Idris Jusoh

Idris berkata pegawainya akan mengadakan perjumpaan dengan kerajaan Oman dan jika penambahbaikan akan dijalankan jika perlu.

Miscommunication may be reason for Oman’s ban on universities

Higher education minister Idris Jusoh says his officers will meet Omani officials on Monday to resolve the matter.