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Tag: Omar al-Bashir

Sudan’s PM unveils first post-Bashir cabinet

Abdalla Hamdok had delayed the announcement for days as he mulled over the nominees proposed by the movement that led protests against Bashir.

Sudan’s Bashir got US$90 mil from Saudi royal family members

Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir faces a raft of charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide from the International Criminal Court over his role in the Darfur war.

Sudan claims 87 killed when troops broke up protest

Live ammunition were fired at protestors in Sudan's capital on June 3 by the military forces resulting in the deaths of 87 people.

Sudan’s Bashir charged on corruption in first public appearance

Sudan's prosecution accuses Omar al-Bashir of possession of foreign currency and accepting gifts in an unofficial manner.

Ousted Sudan president to be sent for trial soon

The charges are related to laws on 'suspected illicit wealth and emergency orders'.

Jordan loses ICC appeal over ex-Sudan president Bashir non-arrest

Despite two international warrants for his arrest, Omar al-Bashir freely attended an Arab League summit in Amman in March 2017.

Sudan’s Bashir to face questioning over ‘financing terror’

Omar al-Bashir's questioning comes as protestors in Sudan call for a civilian government.

Sudan: Army rulers agree on joint civilian-military council

A joint civilian-military ruling council is the next best thing for Sudan as thousands of protestors demand army rulers step down.

Omar al-Bashir kini meringkuk dalam penjara, kata majlis tentera Sudan

Semua tokoh terkemuka rejim lepas, termasuk al-Bashir dan para komandernya kini berada dalam penjara dan harta mereka dirampas.

Sudan investigates Bashir after large sums of cash found at home

Military intelligence had searched Bashir's home and found suitcases loaded with more than US$351,000 and six million euros, as well as five million Sudanese pounds.

One week after Bashir ouster Sudan ‘revolution’ unfinished

Protest leaders say they asked for a joint military-civil council, but what they got was a full military council with many faces from the same regime.

Sudan’s Bashir transferred to prison, says family

Omar al-Bashir was toppled by military rulers last week after four months of protests, ending his 30-year-rule.

Uganda says would ‘consider’ granting Bashir asylum

Bashir's three-decade reign was toppled last week by top commanders after four months of nationwide demonstrations.

Saudi, UAE fear for Sudan interests post-Bashir

After weeks of silence on Sudan's political turmoil, Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Sunday released a lukewarm reaction to Bashir's toppling, calling for "stability" and a "peaceful transition".

Liga Arab sokong majlis peralihan tentera Sudan

Majlis peralihan tentera Sudan menyingkirkan Presiden Omar al-Bashir yang memerintah negara itu sejak 1989.

Sudan ruler sacks Khartoum envoy to Washington

Mohamed Atta, a former chief of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), was appointed in July 2018.

Sudan’s intelligence chief quits, protesters keep up pressure

Demonstrators have been camping outside the compound since then to push for a handover of power.

Ribuan langgar perintah berkurung di Sudan, seru solat besar-besaran

Aktivis anti-Bashir menolak majlis tentera dan mendesak kerajaan awam ditubuhkan.

Ambil alih tentera bukan langkah sesuai atasi masalah di Sudan, kata...

Terdahulu Menteri Pertahanan Sudan Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf mengumumkan penubuhan sebuah majlis tentera yang akan mentadbir negara itu selama 2 tahun.

Menteri pertahanan ketuai majlis transisi tentera di Sudan

Sejak 19 Dis tahun lepas, Sudan menyaksikan tunjuk perasaan popular berhubung keadaan ekonomi yang semakin meleset dan kenaikan harga komoditi asas.

Sudan defence minister sworn in as head of transitional council

Earlier on Thursday, Ibn Auf announced the ousting of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir and his government.

African Union says coup ‘not appropriate response’ to Sudan’s challenges

The African Union Peace and Security Council would meet 'swiftly to consider the situation and take the appropriate decisions,' says chairman Moussa Faki.

Sudan: Presiden Omar al-Bashir letak jawatan

Unit risikan tentera Sudan dilaporkan menahan lebih 100 anggota eksekutif Parti Kongres yang memerintah.

Sudan’s Bashir steps down, government sources say

The Sudanese military is expected to make an announcement soon.