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Tag: Ong Ka Chuan

Ka Chuan pujuk penyokong selepas tersingkir

Ahli parlimen Tanjung Malim itu kesal dengan perhimpunan 500 pengundi Tanjung Malim menggesa pucuk pimpinan BN menimbang semula penggugurannya.

MCA sec-gen to calm his disappointed ‘brothers and sisters’

Ong Ka Chuan says his supporters can't accept fact that their relationship with him is about to end.

BN Perak ganti Ka Chuan dengan calon muda

Senarai calon menampilkan ramai muka baru termasuk Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Tan Keng Liang di Taiping.

Perak BN drops Ka Chuan in favour of younger candidates

The line-up features many new faces including Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang who will stand in Taiping.

It’s secret, says Nazri on reported cabinet squabble over Robert Kuok...

Tourism and culture minister says whatever transpires at cabinet meetings is confidential.

No pressure on Malaysia over Qatar ties

Minister Ong Ka Chuan says Malaysia adopts a policy of non-intervention in affairs of other countries.

Saudi tidak paksa putus hubungan Malaysia-Qatar

Malaysia mengamalkan dasar tidak mencampuri urusan negara lain, tegas Menteri Ong Ka Chuan

MCA plans to wrest Gopeng seat in GE14

It says winning the seat is not impossible if the election machinery works hard.

Proton to announce strategic partner in May

Second Minister of International Trade and Industry Ong Ka Chuan says Proton should not rely only on the local market but expand to the international arena.

Minister: Proton not selling 51% to foreign partner

Ong Ka Chuan says government is merely encouraging national carmaker to seek a foreign strategic partner to boost its capabilities.

Mahathir’s remarks can scare off Chinese investors

Minister says Chinese developers building holiday homes for Chinese who are not looking to give up Chinese citizenship.

Penang MCA ready to give up seats to stronger partners

It cuts both ways, so BN partners should give up their weaker seats to MCA too, Ong Ka Chuan says.

MCA sedia tukar kerusi untuk tebus kekalahan di Pulau Pinang

Setiausaha agung parti berkata MCA terbuka dan menerima hakikat ia tidak boleh bertanding atas kekuatan sendiri dan memerlukan kerjasama parti komponen lain.

MCA: We oppose Hadi’s bill but we’re not anti-Islam

Party secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan also denies MCA's opposition to the amendments of the Shariah Court Act 1965 is a bid to score political points.

Kami juga setia kepada Dr Mahathir, kata MCA

Setiausaha Agung Ong Ka Chuan berkata MCA tidak akan memberontak terhadap kepimpinan BN walaupun di waktu paling sukar

We stood by Dr Mahathir too, says MCA

MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan says party has never gone against the Barisan Nasional leadership even at the worst of times.

MCA to decide on leadership vote for 32,000 delegates

Proposal for EGM tonight on giving divisional level delegates a say in choosing party's central leadership.

Rafizi tells Ong: Don’t blame public, blame 1MDB fiasco

The Pandan MP says Miti's second minister has made a complete fool of himself by blaming practically every one for the drop in Malaysia's global competitive ranking.

Saifuddin: What planet is Ka Chuan from?

Former Umno deputy minister takes Second MITI minister to task for blaming the people for the country's poor performance in the global competitiveness rankings.

M’sia to identify cause of drop in global competitive rankings

Minister Ong Ka Chuan says the drop is not disastrous and Malaysia could gain its position in the top 20 again in the next few years.

Trade won’t be significantly hit by Brexit, says minister

Second International Trade and Industry Minister Ong Ka Chuan says global trade direction is still on the right track.

Hudud will deter investments, warns minister

MCA Secretary-General Ong Ka Chuan says if trade is affected, this might result in rife unemployment.

BN component parties speak out against Hudud Bill

The Hudud Bill runs against the Federal Constitution, says politicians from BN component parties.