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Healthy trade surplus despite global gloom, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming tells captains of industry at business forum that there is still strong investor confidence in the country’s economy and that exports have gone up in recent months.

Malaysia goes all out to woo US electronics giants

With US-China trade war accelerating, efforts are being made to get electrical and electronics companies to move their supply chain operations.

Kadar tol akan naik tanpa pengambilalihan 4 lebuh raya, kata timbalan...

Ong Kian Ming memberi contoh kadar tol LDP akan naik daripada RM2.10 kepada RM3.10 jika tiada pengambilalihan syarikat konsesi.

Toll rates would have increased without takeover, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says takeover of tolls will not have any cost implications for the government.

Tough times ahead but we can take it, says Kian Ming

The deputy minister also stresses the external nature of many of Malaysia's economic challenges.

More China firms interested in investing after trade war, says Kian...

The deputy international trade and industry minister says the US-China trade war and other factors have resulted in more China firms showing interest in Malaysia.

Usahasama pastikan syarikat China komited pada kemapanan ECRL, kata timbalan menteri

Ong Kian Ming berkata model usahasama untuk ECRL juga akan pastikan tahap ketelusan lebih tinggi.

Govt not favouring capitalists at workers’ expense, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the government is committed to looking after the welfare of the people, including raising the minimum wage.

End-of-Life Vehicle policy still under study, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the policy needs to be thought about carefully because it affects different people in different ways.

Miti kaji semula profil 36 syarikat diberi AP

Miti menerima aduan bahawa terdapat pemegang AP tidak mematuhi syarat sebagai syarikat AP terbuka.

Miti reviewing profiles of 36 firms given nod for APs

This follows complaints and reports that some of these new companies have not complied with the conditions.

Lonjakan 40% undi Melayu jamin kemenangan BN di Cameron Highlands

Lonjakan besar sebanyak 38.9% dalam sokongan kepada BN di DUN Jelai jauh mengatasi pencapaian parti itu di kawasan campuran yang menyaksikan pertambahan sebanyak 8.6%, dari 33.2% ke 41.8%.

Let’s fulfil manifesto pledges, says deputy minister

DAP's Ong Kian Ming says Pakatan Harapan's 14th general election manifesto is the only guiding document and reference point of its core ideals.

MP tells why Umno, PAS should support local elections

Ong Kian Ming says the two Malay-based parties which largely lost power after the May 9 polls would gain greater representation at the local government level.

Government clarifies claim on FDI jump since PH takeover

It comes after Najib Razak questions claims of a huge spike since the May elections.

Miti: Investor confidence unaffected by rating agencies’ concerns

Deputy Minister Ong Kian Ming says the finance minister told the agencies that some of the measures adopted by Putrajaya were temporary.

Kereta nasional baru: Kerajaan terima 21 cadangan

Projek kereta nasional baru tidak terjejas dengan keputusan firma United Kingdom, Dyson membuka sebuah kilang pengeluaran kereta elektrik di Singapura.

Masa untuk naikkan garis kemiskinan, kata timbalan menteri

Ong Kian Ming berkata ada keperluan untuk mengenalpasti mereka yang boleh terjerumus ke dalam kemiskinan.

Time to adjust poverty line, says deputy minister

The current threshold is too low, says Ong Kian Ming.

Tap into prosperous Chinese market, Kian Ming tells GLCs

The deputy international trade and industry minister says Malaysian GLCs could look into new automotive products such as electric scooters.

Malaysia won’t abandon Belt and Road Initiative, says Kian Ming

The deputy international trade and industry minister says Putrajaya’s approach had been misunderstood following the recent decision to cancel China-backed projects.

What’s in a wall?

It is the investors' prerogative to build the wall around MCKIP, but this does not mean they can do whatever they like behind it.

The wall must fall, business groups back Dr M

They say the 3m wall in the Malaysia-China industrial zone could encourage other foreign firms to similarly erect barriers in their compounds.

Timbalan menteri bercanggah dengan Dr M tentang ‘tembok China’ Kuantan

Ong Kian Ming berkata kerajaan harus berhati-hati, mengatakan Dr Mahathir mungkin tidak dapat gambaran penuh apabila melawat tapak itu tahun lalu.