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Jualan ‘online’ Raya tampil kelainan tarik pelanggan

Mengikut arus perkembangan dunia moden, kini ramai peniaga menjual kelengkapan Raya menggunakan 'online' dengan konsep yang unik bagi menarik minat pelanggan.

Cinema vs streaming: the battle over when and where you can...

The off-screen skirmish centres around the theatrical "window," the time a movie plays exclusively in US theatres before it can be released on DVD or digital.

5 of the best online courses for women entrepreneurs

How to be happy, think critically, and be an expert in understanding body language will help make you an effective and successful entrepreneur.

Maybank’s major banking outage causes uproar on social media

Workers who had just received their salaries and were busy settling bills online badly hit.

Lazada expects strong online shopping trend to continue

One in three internet users in Malaysia now shops on the platform.

F1 tunes into Netflix to turn on younger audience

The documentary, 'Formula 1: Drive to survive', represents the latest move by the sport to become a heavyweight player on social media.

Online ads do not kill the business of real estate agents

In reality, home buyers rely on both advertisements and real estate agents to help them decide on a piece of property.

German politicians’ data published online in massive breach

A preliminary analysis showed the data had been obtained through "wrongful use of log-in information for cloud services, email accounts or social networks."

Historic UK music retailer HMV collapses for second time

His Master's Voice (HMV) is known worldwide for its iconic logo showing a dog listening to a record player.

Mah Sing, Lazada to sell houses online for first time in...

Mah Sing Group chief executive officer Ho Hon Sang says the developer wants to reinvent the way consumers shop for homes.

Singles’ Day Sale payment woes leave shoppers angry, frustrated

On world's single biggest day for online shopping, customers looking for bargains face uncertainty.

Happiness on three wheels: China’s parcel deliverymen

A university graduate with a degree in international trade and commerce, Nan fell into the delivery business after a tight market in 2013.

MP condemns sale of abortion pills online

Kasthuriraani Patto says a 22-year-old woman in Terengganu was reported to have aborted her 20-week-old foetus with 10 abortion pills bought for RM600 on the internet.

22 things to do at home instead of spending money outside

From cleaning out your closet to experimenting with hair and makeup, there are also books to read, home-brewed tea to savour and getting a workout at the gym downstairs.

Hack: How to buy a pair of glasses for under RM100

This guide works best for low-to-medium-strength prescription glasses and not for those who suffer from short and far-sightedness, have astigmatism or very high power.

French police arrest 4 suspected in gang rape posted online

The footage taken in a club's parking lot in Balma, a suburb of Toulouse, sparked a wave of outrage, with many people claiming to know the identities of the attackers.

HSBC UK hit with another IT glitch

Outages can cause significant disruption to customers, who are increasingly reliant on digital services as banks close branches and encourage clients to move online.

Petition to save MRT2 jobs sees 16k signatures in record time

Netizens express concern and shock over talk some 20,000 jobs will be axed after a contract for the public transport extension line was terminated on Sunday.

Indonesia’s Traveloka is said in talks to raise US$400 million

With a population of more than 620 million and a growing middle class, Southeast Asia’s online travel market is expected to triple from US$26.6 billion in 2017 to US$76.6 billion in 2025.

Anwar hopes free e-tuition programme spreads beyond Port Dickson

He says the programme, mooted as part of his by-election campaign, will be beneficial for all students from Year 1 to Form 5.

Merbok PKR polls commotion: 4 men detained

Police blame commotion, in which one person was injured on head, on slow voting process.

Facebook and Twitter must comply with EU consumer rules or face...

Online platforms have come under fire in Europe because of their dominance and anti-competitive business practices, resulting in hefty fines handed down to some companies.

French police seek 4 men over gang-rape posted online

Local police were alerted to the attack after the videos were flagged to France's national digital surveillance cell, and were already investigating Monday when a friend of the victim told them the woman's identity.

Criticise me, not Fatin, Syed Saddiq says in defence of skateboarder

The youth and sports minister says public should applaud teenager for her courage in competing in international arena.