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Sale of HK consulate building may fetch more than RM1.6 bil,...

If direct negotiations had gone ahead, government would have lost more than RM500 million, says finance minister.

Open tender for waste-to-energy management system

The request for proposal will be launched after 3 months, says minister Yeo Bee Yin.

Tender for Penang airport expansion project to be called this year

Both the projects, for airports in Penang and Kulim, will be carried out through the private finance initiative, says the finance minister.

RM1.2 bil Penang airport expansion to be done via private financing...

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says a private company will be picked through open tender by the end of this year.

My son not involved, minister denies rumour over graft probe

Mohamaddin Ketapi says the current ministers are transparent with government tenders.

Open tender won’t affect Bumiputera agenda, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says it will in fact allow Bumiputera contractors to secure more projects fairly and transparently.

No, rich with small-capacity cars won’t get fuel subsidy, says Guan...

Finance minister says the fuel subsidy mechanism, originally targeted at B40 low-income earners, may also be extended to help the M40 group.

Govt cancels RM5.2 bil double-tracking contract due to high cost

Government will award open tender for the project next year.

An RFP is not an ‘open tender’

Open tenders use the same specification, but an RFP is subjective and open to rigging and abuse. Infrastructure projects should not be chosen by the RFP method used by the Penang state government.

MACC swoops on DBKL, seizes documents linked to land sale

A source says the anti-graft agency took documents from the economic planning and development department.

KL lands sold cheaper by the billions, says DAP

Bukit Bintang MP says the average selling price was RM200 per square foot when it could have fetched RM1,000.

Take heed of World Bank’s procurement guideline

Writer calls for Penang government to follow guideline to avoid any allegation of corruption, which can occur even in the case of an open tender.

Why ‘directly awarded’ ECRL project not probed, asks Guan Eng

The Penang chief minister says MACC has yet to respond on why the undersea tunnel and three main roads project is deemed to have corrupt elements

Guan Eng: Exceptions to open tenders for ‘urgent projects’

Penang chief minister says the state’s sale of Peel Avenue land to a hospital firm will result in RM2 billion investments for a private hospital.

I apologise to Raslan, but not Rahman, says Rafizi

Pandan MP says he is ready to be sued by the Kota Belud MP.

Why sell prime land below market value in Taman Desa, Kok...

The DAP MP says each square foot costs RM400 but was sold for RM74, and that the A-G’s Report has raised concerns about the ability of the developer to carry out the project, but City Hall defends its actions.

Zairil: Difficulty procuring English textbooks, an excuse for no open tender

DAP MP asks who are among the ‘English language experts’ and ‘evaluation panel’ that led to the approval for the foreign textbooks.

MACC urged to probe tablet supply contract to Utusan

DAP and PKR MPs question Utusan Melayu Bhd’s experience in supplying such equipment.

‘Project contracts subject to review by procurement committee’

Treasury secretary-general says this is the case even if there is a directive from the prime minister or other ministers.

Open tenders for short-term timber licences in Sarawak

Previously, the state Forest Department director could issue these licences without referring to the state cabinet.

Indonesia offers 10 blocks for exploration to Petronas

Tenaga Nasional Bhd also allowed to negotiate directly with coal suppliers in Indonesia to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality coal.