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Tag: Opposition Leader

Russian opposition leader Navalny may have been poisoned

Navalny’s doctor was not allowed to examine him properly.

Bangladesh opposition leader facing death sentence

Death sentences are common in Bangladesh with hundreds of people on death row. All executions are by hanging, a legacy of the British colonial era.

I told Kapar MP to correct his statement on alleged plot,...

The PKR leader says the allegation of a plot to stop him from becoming prime minister is baseless.

BN’s Yusoff Noor made Penang opposition leader

Penang assembly also nominates first Punjabi deputy speaker from PKR, Dr Amar Pritpal Abdullah.

Analyst: Zahid needs to keep BN MPs together, ensure PAS support

Analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff says if Zahid Hamidi does not quickly inspire Umno/BN MPs, he risks the possibility that some will cross over to PH or declare themselves as independents.

Zahid the new parliamentary opposition leader

Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa confirms that the appointment was agreed to by opposition parties in the Dewan Rakyat.

Nazri: Let’s have Khairy as opposition leader

Former minister says Khairy has the vigour to restore BN to its former glory.

Warisan: Lajim, who voted for himself, can’t be opposition head

Junz Wong questions wisdom of Sabah speaker in selecting Lajim Ukin, who does not command support of opposition assembly members.

Zaid clarifies statement on Mahathir as opposition leader

The DAP's newest high-profile member, Zaid Ibrahim says he only expressed his personal opinion, not the party's.

Azmin: No need to appoint Muhyiddin as Opposition chief

He says Pakatan Harapan has not discussed the matter as it is not an urgent topic to be brought up.