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Tag: Opposition

Thai opposition protests army troop transfer to king

Future Forward party says no emergency justifies the decree, accuses PM of acting like a junta leader.

No vague answers please, DAP man tells Dr M over rumour

Charles Santiago says the prime minister should have sent a clear message that the PH government is here to stay.

Don’t bow to political pressure, opposition tells cops on LTTE-linked arrests

Opposition Leader Ismail Sabri Yaakob says LTTE remains illegal and Malaysia should not be the base for any terrorism activities.

No alternative budget from BN this year

Last year, the opposition presented its alternative budget a day before Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng tabled the national budget.

Mukhriz warns Kedah civil servants active in opposition parties

The MB says individuals' personal political leanings will not be questioned, but the state does not encourage its employees to be active in opposition politics.

Venezuela releases opposition lawmaker after 4 months in custody

Edgar Zambrano has to report to a judge every 30 days and is not allowed to leave the country.

Stop using MACC as a political tool, warns Latheefa

MACC chief commissioner says there are many instances of people lodging reports just for the sake of getting back at their opponents.

Turkish court sentences opposition figure to nearly 10 years’ jail

However, Canan Kaftancioglu of the Republican People’s Party will not immediately go to jail pending appeals.

We didn’t lie, we had inaccurate info on 16 Toyota Camry...

This follows finance ministry's explanation that it had never received any application from the Perak government to give tax exemption for the cars.

New Singapore opposition party launched as polls loom

PSP joins a handful of other parties seeking to take on the dominant PAP.

Opposition walks out after Guan Eng let off the hook over...

The speaker's decision sparked discontent among many, especially BN MPs.

Opposition lays 2 conditions for supporting bill to lower voting age

Opposition leader Ismail Sabri says the government must ensure automatic registration of voters and allow those aged above 18 to contest in elections.

Finance ministry’s NFCorp suit driven by politics, claims Najib

Former PM says it is strange that the finance ministry does not want to approve takeover plans for the National Feedlot Corporation project and instead prefers to take civil action against the company.

Opposition leaders ask whether new MACC chief will be impartial

After Latheefa Koya's appointment, MCA and Umno Youth take Pakatan Harapan to task over pledge to make MACC independent.

Sabah Umno leader: Our ties with PAS different from peninsula’s

Yakub Khan says the relationship is based on the understanding that both parties are in the opposition bloc.

India’s battered Congress party closes ranks after election setback

Ghandi offers to quit but the Congress Working Group unanimously and with one voice rejected the offer.

It is ok, there is no need to be too democratic

The present opposition are no angels and they have interfered too much in the government in the name of democracy.

In new Malaysia, opposition still floundering too, say MP, analysts

They say opposition members need to step up their game, and suggest that they receive the same allocations and resources as those given to government MPs.

PAS to mobilise election machinery to help PBS notch victory in...

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan says the move was to strengthen the opposition bloc which will play a check-and-balance role in Parliament.

In Perak, a dispute over PH’s PAC promise

Pakatan Harapan's national manifesto states that the Public Accounts Committee should be led by an opposition member, but in Perak, both chairman and deputy chairman are from the coalition.

Enough quorum to meet even with 3 MPs leaving, says PAC...

Wong Kah Woh says PAC still has nine members, fulfilling the quorum to carry out a meeting.

PH government is indulging in baloney

PH promised us many things but the environment is still as bad, it is reverting to old habits and projects such as a national car, reforms are still not evident, and it has allowed the opposition to set the agenda.

Santiago, Bersih rap decision to retain Kiandee as PAC chairman

DAP's Klang MP says the latest flip-flop gives credence to the belief that Pakatan Harapan is not committed to its election manifesto.

Resolve illegal IC issue before ‘legalising’ stateless children, says Sabah opposition...

The proposal to aid stateless children through a legalisation programme will worsen the situation for the indigenous people, says Jeffrey Kitingan.