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Tag: Opposition

Cambodia’s Hun Sen marks 34 years in power

Hun Sen accused the EU of holding the country's 16 million people 'hostage' with tariff threats.

India’s Gandhi vows to reform sales tax, seek investment as poll...

Rahul Gandhi says that foreign investment was at a multi-year low in India due to the ill-advised economic moves.

Come back to Upko, party tells former vice-president Suan

Nabawan rep will be welcomed back with open arms despite joining opposition bloc just months ago, says division head.

Sabah PKR leader peeved over opposition rep’s presence in his programme

Pensiangan PKR chief Raymond Ahuar questions a state minister's decision to involve Nabawan assemblyman Bobbey Suan in a programme organised by a Christian group.

10,500 arrests ahead of Bangladesh polls

Opposition parties said the arrests were intended to create a 'climate of fear'.

Ongkili: Ex-Sabah Umno leaders may join GBS if PPBM doesn’t enter...

This follows Warisan's insistence that PPBM keep to an earlier understanding and not open any branches in Sabah.

Bangladesh opposition website shut down ahead of polls

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said authorities had closed the site since last week.

Bangladeshi opposition pledges to remove media curbs, raise pay, freeze energy...

Bangladesh's opposition alliance promised to raise the minimum wage of garment workers and freeze gas and electricity prices.

Who will hold govt accountable if everyone jumps ship, MCA asks...

MCA president Wee Ka Siong says 'rule number one' in any democracy is the need for a strong opposition.

Johor opposition leader returns office, allowance

Hasni Mohammad says it is not democratic or transparent to only recognise the role of the opposition with a room.

Opposition holding rallies as they have run out of issues, says...

Its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says the opposition does not want to talk about the economy as they don't know how to manage it.

No ban, but follow rules, says Maszlee on politicians visiting schools

However, the education minister says they must follow procedures before doing so.

‘Sad time’ for Penang, says NGO over opposition label

Penang Forum continues its call for a halt to any major project, including the construction of two hotels, on Penang Hill.

Putrajaya urged to share information with opposition MPs

Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin says if the government is serious about curbing corruption, it needs an opposition which can carry out checks and balances.

Peru opposition leader Fujimori appeals jail sentence

Fujimori was jailed last week pending the outcome of a multimillion-dollar corruption probe that has rocked Peruvian politics.

Analyst: Najib not the strongest opposition, but at least he’s consistent

UM's Awang Azman Awang Pawi says the people want checks and balances in the country's administration, not a political narrative dominated only by Pakatan Harapan.

Bahrain opposition chief gets life in jail over Qatar spy case

Salman is currently serving a four-year sentence in a separate case.

Bangladesh PM to have unprecedented talks with opposition before poll

The nation's 2014 election was marred by widespread violence that killed hundreds of people and disrupted the impoverished South Asian country's economic mainstay, the US$30 billion-a-year export-driven garment industry.

Call for equal budget allocations for all MPs

Regardless of whether they belong to ruling or opposition parties, all MPs should receive equal allocations under Budget 2019, say politicians and others.

Singapore opposition leaders appeal for help to stave off bankruptcy

Singapore politics has long been dominated by the PAP, which has won all the elections since the island's independence in 1965 with significant majorities. The next general election is due by early 2021.

Join forces, don’t split up, analyst tells opposition parties

Andrew Aeria says the lack of a strong opposition front is not good for the present government.

Embattled Bangladesh opposition forges new alliance

The Hossain-led alliance is said to emulate Malaysia's example and rally behind an experienced political figure to pose a formidable challenge.

Putin foe Navalny freed from jail after back-to-back sentences

Authorities have turned up the heat on Vladimir Putin's top foe.

Sabah opposition leaders blast return of IMM13 passes

SAPP and PBS say the passes should no longer be issued as there is no more war in southern Philippines.