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Tag: Opposition

Sudan opposition leader refused entry to Egypt, according to party

Sadiq al-Mahdi of the National Umma Party was not allowed to return to Egypt, where he resides.

Sabah state assembly convened minus Musa

All but one opposition representative were sworn in again earlier this morning.

Najib: Freezing opposition bank accounts an onslaught on democracy

Former prime minister tells ruling PH parties to confirm that the political donations they themselves receive are not from sources involved in illegal activities.

More Malays want Khairy to lead opposition, says survey

Respondents are evenly spread between supporters of Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional.

Nik Nazmi slams unfair treatment of opposition states

He says it goes against Pakatan Harapan's principles.

Zahid: No decision yet on opposition leader

Discussions to take place in the next two weeks in the run-up to the first sitting of Parliament.

Gerakan must return to its roots, says founder’s son

Syed Farid Alatas says it’s going to be tough but Gerakan needs to rebuild itself by looking at the philosophy of its founding fathers.

Russia accused of using World Cup to bury bad news

According to a special presidential decree, during the World Cup, all large gatherings unrelated to soccer are forbidden unless given explicit authorisation by local authorities.

Entrepreneur icon Sofia seeks to help rebuild Umno

Sofia Ahmad, who joined Umno four years ago and is contesting a post in Puteri Umno, says the party is still relevant and that it can rise from defeat.

Why Umno will be the most relevant political party post-GE14

Umno is now free to imbue itself with the best values and define its philosophies and direction, unburdened by the past, as it strives to speak up for the people.

Tech CEOs voice opposition to family separations at border

Some, including Zuckerberg and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, implored their social-media followers to donate to legal and humanitarian groups that support the migrant families.

Kit Siang says it’s okay to expose scandals

The DAP supremo says it is better for Putrajaya to make wrongdoings public than wait for the opposition to grill the government over it.

Journalist blasts Mat Sabu’s press team over snub to independent media

A reporter vents her anger at those who once struggled for media coverage, but who now treat journalists from the independent media the same way the previous government did.

Why it’s dangerous for BN to disband

The coalition's very existence is in question following its disastrous showing in the general election, but there are good reasons why an active and alert BN is needed even more now.

Sabah assembly secretary mum on speculation of sacking

Unverified message says Bernard Dalinting fired after opposition assembly members were sworn in, and PBS man says it would amount to interference by the executive in the affairs of the legislative branch of government.

Russian opposition leader Navalny freed ahead of World Cup

The 42-year-old was sentenced a month ago after calling for the demonstrations ahead of President Vladimir Putin's fourth inauguration.

Grow some backbone, Umno/BN

They have only been in the opposition for a month and yet they have displayed disenchantment and disillusionment for all to see.

Give equal funds to all assemblymen, Bersih tells states

The electoral reform group says it is time to put voters and citizens first and not continue with party-biased policies, especially in providing allocations.

Santiago: Give equal allocations to PH and opposition MPs

DAP's Charles Santiago says for a democracy to flourish, equal support needs to be given to opposition MPs to check government of the day.

‘Don’t wait 100 days, start criticising now’

Malaysians should speak up now instead of waiting for 100 days, forum told.

Khairy praises PH govt for giving allocations for opposition MPs

Umno Youth leader hopes PH will consider providing equal allocations to all MPs in future.

UK Labour seeks soft Brexit in bid to force defeat on...

The UK’s main opposition party proposed a plan to effectively stay in the European Union’s single market, a move that could nudge the country toward keeping closer to the bloc after Brexit.

Equatorial Guinea denies killing jailed opposition relative

Gabriel Nse Obiang, the head of opposition party Citizens for Innovation, claimed that Evaristo Oyaga Sima was killed in Malabo's Black Beach prison.

Mozambique’s new opposition leader goes into hiding

Ossufo Momade of Renamo followed in the footsteps of his predecessor Afonso Dhlakama by relocating to an area near Mount Gorongosa.