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Tag: Organised Crime

Sosma never meant to be used on criminals, says lawyer

Baljit Sidhu says Sosma was passed to help law enforcement agencies handle security offences like terrorism activities.

Bosnian court detains Pramod Mittal over suspected fraud

Pramod Mittal heads the supervisory board and co-owns metallurgical coke producer Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac (GIKIL).

Drones, big money and cheap drugs: the Laos route spewing meth...

Despite the intense anti-drug operations, meth is still getting through to more lucrative overseas markets.

Former Mexican state governor sentenced to 9 years in jail

Elected governor in 2010, he is alleged to have acquired luxury properties in Mexico and abroad, defrauding taxpayers of sums some estimates put in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and using shell companies to transfer and hide public funds.

Put Sosma trials on hold pending repeal, says lawyer

N Sivananthan says if abolished, the procedural law will not benefit those convicted of organised crimes who have appealed to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

Hundreds protest outside prison as Sosma detainees continue hunger strike

They urge the government to abolish the controversial law, one of many opposed by Pakatan Harapan.

Sosma must go as it’s against the rule of law, say...

They say the law has been abused to investigate and charge critics of the former government, instead of militants and terrorists.

Lawyer shot dead in Latvia, police see hand of organised crime

The murder of Mārtiņš Bunkus is suspected to be linked to organised crime.

British interior minister to discuss Russia, terrorism on US visit

Sajid Javid will discuss threats posed by Russia, international terrorism, and organised crime with leading US officials.

Death-row Indonesian kingpin ran drug ring from prison, say police

The ring had links to Malaysian organised crime.

Penang police on hunt for 11 Gang 04 leaders

State police chief says this follows the arrests of 24 low-level gang members, some of whom were serving in community groups and village committees.

Organised crime suspected in Penang scam

Expert tells police not to discount the possibility that there's a connection with terrorism.

Beware of well-trained thieves

A criminologist comments on the pickpocketing incident at Sunway Pyramid.

‘Datuk Seri’ among 22 charged with being gang members

The individuals are charged under Subsection 130V(1) of the Penal Code which carries a maximum 20 years' imprisonment on conviction.

Brothers rake in millions from crippled beggars syndicate

The men from China take half the daily earnings of each beggar that at times can amount to thousands especially over the weekends.

Musa: I turned down RM2m a month bribe from organised crime

Former IGP relates how easy it is for policemen to succumb to temptation with criminals offering large bribes to turn a blind eye to their activities.

Archived: Zahid: PCA has stripped minister’s powers

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said the Prevention of Crime Act should be seen as a law to fight organised crime and secret societies and not otherwise.