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Tag: Orhions Ewansiha Thomas

Balu pelajar Nigeria mati dalam tahanan minta Putrajaya adakan inkues

Blessing Uhunoma Eriamiator mendakwa suaminya, Orhions Ewansiha Thomas diserang dan tidak diberikan rawatan.

Widow of Nigerian who died in custody seeks inquest into cause...

Blessing Uhunoma Eriamiator claims her husband, Orhions Ewansiha Thomas, was assaulted and refused medication.

Lodge police report, Muhyiddin tells preacher on prison assault claim

He says the police can take the necessary action if an investigation shows grounds to the claim.

Family of Nigerian student only entitled to funeral expenses, says lawyer

M Visvanathan of EDICT says Orhions Ewansiha Thomas was not gainfully employed at the time of his death, and cites a court ruling barring family members from filing claims for exemplary damages.

Review SOP of Immigration Department

The Immigration Department must be held responsible for the deaths at detention centres.